CIMB’s Pay With CIMB Cards Campaign Offers 100% Cashback As Grand Prizes

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CIMB Bank has launched the Pay With CIMB Cards campaign that lets you win monthly cashback prizes and the grand prize of 100% cashback on all eligible transactions during the campaign period. Running from now until 30 April 2020, this campaign will reward CIMB credit cardholders who use their cards for their auto billing, e-wallet, and card-linked payments.

There are a total of 4,000 monthly prizes and 20 Grand Prize rewards up for grabs. The 4,000 monthly prizes are RM30 cashback rewards, evenly divided between March and April 2020. The 20 Grand Prize rewards, on the other hand, are 100% cashback on all eligible transactions from 1 March until 30 April 2020, capped at a maximum value of RM3,000.

pay with cimb cards campaign

The campaign, which is similar to CIMB’s previous spend-and-win ones, is open to all CIMB principal credit cardholders, except for those owning a Platinum Business Card or Fuel Tanker Card. If you’re interested in participating, then you’ll have to register, either by:

  • Responding to CIMB’s SMS sent to you
  • Sending an SMS to CIMB yourself
  • Registering online at CIMB’s website

Once done, all auto billing, e-wallet, and card-linked payments of minimum RM50 will earn one entry throughout the campaign period – the more qualifying entries you earn, the higher your chances of winning. You can also earn more entries when you spend with CIMB’s participating partners, based on the table below:

Expenses (minimum spend of RM50)

Number of entries
Every existing auto billing and/or card-on-file transaction


Every new auto billing and/or card-on-file transaction


Every auto billing and/or card-on-file transaction with participating partners (Boost, Fave, Grab, Setel, Shopee, and Sun Life Insurance)


Auto billing is feature that lets you store your credit card details so that you can automatically pay a recurring bill at a pre-determined date. A card-on-file transaction, on the other hand, is essentially a payment where you allow a merchant to keep your credit card details and charge your card at your request. This includes, but is not limited to, card-linked payments (such as online shopping) and e-wallet transactions.

CIMB also provides an extensive list of participating merchants in this campaign which can be found in the campaign’s T&C. The campaign also accepts foreign currency expenditures and card-linked payments.

Winners for both the monthly prizes and the Grand Prize rewards will be randomly selected by CIMB, but once chosen, you will have to go through another hurdle to win your prize.

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In the case of monthly prizes, you’ll have to answer a question correctly via an SMS notification sent to you within three weeks after the end of each participating month. Ultimately, it is a competition of speed as the prizes will go to those who respond with the correct answer within the shortest period of time. Your cashback will then be credited to you within four weeks after the end of the participating month.

As for the Grand Prizes, you’ll receive a call within 12 weeks after the end of the campaign, during which you need to answer two questions correctly. If you do win, then the cashback will be credited back to you based on all your eligible transactions during the campaign period.

You are also only allowed to win one monthly prize and one Grand Prize throughout the entire campaign period. In other words, if you’re super lucky and win both prizes, that means you can get a maximum of RM3,030 cashback (RM30 monthly cashback + RM3,000 Grand Prize) with your CIMB credit card expenditures.

If you are interested, head on to CIMB’s website to find out more about the Pay With CIMB Cards campaign.

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