Citi Rewards Card Revision Offers 200,000 Rewards Points When Paying Annual Fee

Citi Rewards credit cardholders can soon look forward to upsized Annual Bonus Citi Rewards Points. Effective 23 August 2020, Citi will be awarding 200,000 rewards points if you pay your Citi Rewards Card annual fee – double the points from the 100,000 rewards points offered currently.

Annual Fee Payment Before 23 August 2020 Effective 23 August 2020
Principal Card 100,000 Bonus Citi Rewards Points 200,000 Bonus Citi Rewards Points
Supplementary Card 25,000 Bonus Citi Rewards Points 25,000 Bonus Citi Rewards Points

The upsized rewards are not tied to any campaign – this is going to be a permanent feature of this card. But, do keep in mind the annual fees for the Citi Rewards Card, which is RM600 for a principal card and RM150 for supplementary cards. Citi’s Rewards Points are evergreen, which means they do not expire.

Citi Rewards Mastercard

The Annual Bonus Citi Rewards Points are automatically awarded to Citi Rewards Cardholders upon renewal and payment of full annual fees for the card. The credited points will be reflected in the subsequent month’s statement and there are no other restrictions or conditions to fulfil for you to qualify for these bonus points.

Of course, no bonus points will be awarded if the annual fee is waived. Citibank also reserves the right to reasonably “claw back” the bonus points if the annual fee is waived after receiving the bonus points or if you terminate your credit card thereafter.

The Citi Rewards Card offers 5x Rewards Points for every RM1 spent at major departmental stores and supermarkets or hypermarkets, 5x Rewards Points on overseas spend, and 1x Rewards Points on other local spend. It is available to those who earn a minimum annual income of RM60,000 or RM5,000 per month.

(Source: Citibank)

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