Citibank Pass To Prizes Campaign Offers Cashback, Year-End Rewards, and Festive Gifts
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Citibank has kicked off two exclusive campaigns, giving its credit cardholders a chance to enjoy festive gifts, monthly rewards, and the opportunity to win a grand prize of RM150,000 cashback. The two campaigns are running concurrently, with the details as follows: 

Spend & Win Campaign 
Period: 1 November 2021 – 31 January 2022

Under the Spend & Win Campaign, both new and existing Citibank credit cardholders will have a chance to win daily cashback, monthly prizes, and a grand prize when they spend a specified amount on their Citibank credit cards (local and overseas spend). Specifically, the prizes that you stand to win include: 

  • Daily Prize: RM 100 cashback (per day)
  • Monthly Prize: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, or 24-inch iMac, or Thermomix TM6
  • Grand Prize: RM 150,000 cashback
Image: Citibank

To win the RM100 cashback daily prize, you need to be one of the first 50 customers with the highest accumulated amount spent in a day. Note that auto billing and recurring transactions do not qualify for this sub-campaign. Additionally, each cardholder is only allowed to win one cashback per day, and a maximum of 92 times throughout the whole campaign period. If you do win, the cashback will be credited to you within 12 weeks after the end of each campaign month.

Meanwhile, to win monthly prizes and the RM150,000 grand prize, cardholders will need to spend and earn entries in order to be in the running. The more contest entries you earn, the higher your chance of getting shortlisted as a potential winner. Here are the number of entries that you can earn based on the transactions that you perform: 

Image: Citibank

Upon being shortlisted, the bank will then send you an SMS containing some questions. To win, you will need to answer the questions correctly and as quickly as possible. For monthly prizes, you have a timeframe of eight hours to answer the questions correctly. For the grand prize, on the other hand, you need to answer at least three questions correctly out of the five questions sent within a short five minutes. 

Note that the contest entries earned during the first, second and third campaign months are valid only for prizes in each respective campaign month. There are a total of 90 prizes, with 30 prizes for 30 winners each month. Meanwhile, the contest entries that you earn in all three campaign months will be accumulated to put you in the running for the grand prize.

Spend & Get Campaign
Period: 1 November 2021 – 15 February 2022

The Spend & Get Campaign is the second sub-campaign under the Pass To Prizes campaign, and is open to both Citi credit cardholders (new and existing) as well as debit cardholders. You can win festive goodies when you spend RM 500 and more with your cards at participating shopping malls. The campaign is divided into two tiers:

Image: Citibank

Gift redemption is valid on the same day of purchase as long as the requirements in each participating mall are met. You can only redeem one gift per mall per day and is provided on a first-come first-served basis while stocks last. The list of participating malls are as follows: 

Image: Citibank

(Source: Citibank)

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