HSBC Campaign Offers Exclusive Prizes, Including Holiday Package Worth Up To RM30,000
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HSBC Bank is currently running its Travel CashBonanza campaign, where eligible cardholders stand a chance to win a holiday package for two worth up to RM30,000 as the grand prize. Set to run until 30 September 2023, there are also monthly and weekly prizes of RM2,000 and RM80 cashback to be won, respectively.  

Open to all HSBC and HSBC Amanah credit cardholders, the mechanics of this campaign is pretty straightforward. Those who wish to win the grand and monthly prizes will need to earn entries by performing specified transactions and banking activities. Meanwhile, weekly prizes can be won when you spend a cumulative minimum of RM1,000 on your card in a week on groceries, dining, and/or online expenses (including local and foreign currency transactions, as well as e-wallet top-ups).

Here are the key details regarding the prizes that are up for grabs:

Grand prizesOne holiday package (for 2 pax) worth up to RM30,000 with Holiday Tours Sdn Bhd or Sedunia Travel Sdn Bhd2x for entire campaign
Monthly prizesRM2,000 cashback– 15x per month
– 60x for entire campaign
Weekly prizesRM80 cashback– 145x per week
– 27,500x for entire campaign

To earn entries for the grand and monthly prizes, you can go ahead and carry out any of the following transactions:

Transactions/Banking activitiesNumber of entries
Every RM100 eligible spend in local currency1
Every ApplePay/Google Pay transaction2
Every RM100 equivalent eligible spend in foreign currency10
Every approved balance conversion plan or cash instalment plan10
Perform one transaction* with a new** or renewed HSBC/HSBC Amanah credit card (except the HSBC TravelOne credit card)  

* No minimum spend
** Includes credit card applications made before the start of the campaign, but activation is done during the promotion period
Perform one transaction* with a new HSBC TravelOne credit card  

* No minimum spend

Note that qualifying transactions for this campaign include all local and overseas retail transactions (online and QR payments as well), 0% instalment plans, as well as e-wallet top-ups. Payments such as balance transfer instalments and cash advances, on the other hand, are not considered eligible.

HSBC also clarified that all cardholders are only allowed to win either 1x grand prize or 1x monthly cashback reward, in addition to 3x weekly cashback rewards throughout the whole campaign period. So this means that if you are already selected as a monthly prize winner, then you will not be able to win the grand prize.

To select the winners of the grand and monthly prizes, HSBC will use a randomiser programme to first shortlist a group of eligible cardholders, who will then receive a notification SMS within six to ten weeks after the end of the campaign period. They will also receive a question that must be answered correctly within three days from the day they receive it; those who do so the fastest will be named the winners. The weekly prizes, meanwhile, will be provided on a first-come first-served basis.

If you are lucky enough to win the grand prize, you’ll receive the details of your reward and the authorised travel agency within two weeks after being selected. Monthly and weekly cashback winners, on the other hand, will see their cashback rewards credited into their accounts within six to ten weeks after the end of the campaign period.

Finally, those who wish to join this campaign to win the grand and monthly cashback are required to register their participation. You can do so either by sending an SMS (N9<space>last 6-digit of your participating credit card) to 66300, or by following the instructions in the invitation SMS or email sent to you. As for those who would only like to win the weekly cashback prizes, no registration is necessary.

(Source: HSBC)

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