Enjoy Up To 10% Cashback For Grab Transactions With UOB Credit Cards

UOB ONE and UOB YOLO cardmembers can earn up to 10% cashback every month for almost all Grab transactions.


Enjoy Up To 10% Cashback For Grab Transactions With UOB Credit Cards

If you are a regular user on Grab and own a UOB credit card, here’s some good news. UOB is offering up to 10% cashback for Grab transactions made with the UOB ONE and UOB YOLO credit cards.


The cashback is eligible for Grab transactions including rides, food, delivery, prepaid, and subscription services. Note that to be eligible, users need to set their UOB credit cards as their primary payment method (and not their GrabPay wallet balance). Speaking of which, GrabPay wallet top-ups are not eligible for cashback under this campaign – with the exception of wallet top-ups used specifically for prepaid top-up.

Cardmembers will earn 5% cashback on weekdays and a higher rate of 10% on weekends – capped at RM20 per month. For each promotional month, RM15,000 and RM65,000 has been allocated for cashback for the YOLO and ONE cards respectively, and is distributed on a first come, first served basis.

The UOB ONE card offers cashback on movie tickets, petrol, groceries, and mobile plans, with varying rates depending on the day of the week and category of expenditure. Meanwhile, UOB YOLO offers 5-8% cashback on online spending and dining, based on the number of transactions made with the card per month.

Grab transactions used to qualify for cashback under the UOB YOLO Card as online spending, but will no longer be eligible starting 1 June 2019. So, from next month onwards the only way you can get the cashback for your Grab transactions is through this promotion. You will also still earn Grab Reward Points for transactions made with your UOB card.

The promotion is valid from 1 May 2019 to 31 January 2020. For other terms and conditions, visit the official UOB website.


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