Maybank Blocks Non-Shariah MCCs For Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Cards

Effective 29 July 2020, Maybank will be blocking transactions made at non-shariah compliant merchants for its Maybank Islamic Ikhwan credit cards.

If you have an Islamic credit card with any bank, you should be aware that you are generally not allowed to use it to pay for non-shariah compliant transactions. This condition would be included in the terms and conditions or product disclosure sheet of your credit card, usually with a clause stating that the bank reserves the right to terminate or suspend your credit card if you do so.

According to the notice on Maybank’s website, all transactions on its pre-determined list of non-Shariah merchant category codes (MCCs) will be blocked for Maybank Islamic Ikhwan cards. The blocked MCCs and corresponding categories of expenditure are as follows:

MCC Description
5921 Package Stores – Beer, Wine, and Liquor
5993 Cigar Stores and Stands
7261 Funeral Services and Crematories
7273 Dating Services
7800 Government-Owned Lotteries (US Region only)
7801 Government Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling) (US Region only)
7802 Government Licensed Horse/Dog Racing (US Region only)
7995 Betting (including lottery tickets, Casino Gaming chips, Off track Betting and Wagers)
9406 Government-Owned Lotteries (Non-U.S. region)

So, starting from 29 July, make a note not to use your Maybank Islamic Ikhwan card at any merchants that might have the above category codes – or you’ll risk having your transaction fail.

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