Samsung Launches Physical Samsung Pay Credit Card In South Korea

samsung pay card south korea 2

samsung pay card south korea 2

Samsung has rolled out the new Samsung Pay Card in South Korea, a credit card launched in partnership with Samsung Card and Mastercard to offer more benefits to Samsung Pay users.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Pay Card expands the features of Samsung Pay, combining the convenience of a physical card with the additional features built into Samsung Pay. Users can only apply for the Samsung Pay Card through the Samsung Pay app, and a numberless physical card will also be issued for their use.

The Samsung Pay Card is also managed exclusively via the Samsung Pay app. You can use the app to check your card number, view card transactions and payments due, as well as enjoy limited-time discounts on selected merchants. Should the need arise, you’re also able to block overseas payments through the app.

In addition, the Samsung Pay Card also offers a 1% discount whenever users make an offline purchase via Samsung Pay. Meanwhile, online purchases will earn them a 1.5% discount. There will be additional discounts from now till the end of the year to entice users to use this card.

samsung pay card

The Samsung Pay Card is the latest product that expands the Samsung Pay ecosystem around the world. Samsung had also recently launched the digital Samsung Pay card in the UK, as well as the Samsung Money for the US market. There’s no word yet on whether any of these new innovations will make its way into other markets such as Malaysia.

(Source: Samsung)

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