Public Bank Revises AIA Visa Gold Credit Card Cashback Rate

Public Bank has announced a revision to the benefits of its AIA Visa Gold credit card, bringing its current cashback rate of 2% for AIA insurance premium payments down to 0.2%. The revision is set to begin on 1 December 2020.

Additionally, the bank did not announce any cap on the amount of cash rebate that you can earn via the AIA Visa Gold credit card with this new 0.2% cashback rate. Prior to this, you can only earn a maximum of RM100 per annum in cash rebate via the card – a limit which was revised from an earlier cap of RM350 back in August 2019. Aside from these updates, the AIA Visa Gold retained its other benefit; the 0.1% Unlimited Cash MegaBonus on both local and overseas retail purchases remain unchanged.

With this latest revision to the AIA Visa Gold credit card, you will earn much less than you currently do. As a simple example, if you are paying RM100 in insurance premiums each month, you will only be able to earn a cash rebate of RM0.20 each month come December 2020 – in comparison to the RM2 that you are currently earning with the existing 2% cash rebate.

For more information about this revision of Public Bank’s AIA Visa Gold credit card, you can call the bank at 03-21768000, or send an email to [email protected].

(Source: Public Bank)

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