GrabRewards Membership Tiers Will No Longer Earn Points From 1 July - Replaced By GrabUnlimited
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In line with the huge revision coming to GrabUnlimited, Grab has shared some additional details on the changes coming to GrabRewards come 1 July 2022.

With the new GrabUnlimited, all Grab users will either earn 1.5 GrabRewards points or 0.75 GrabRewards points for every RM1 spent, depending on whether they are members or not. This means the current membership tiering system (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) will no longer have points-earning features from 1 July.

Instead, while the membership tiers will be retained, its benefits are more centered around exclusive discounts and a few perks for the Platinum tier. Grab shared the list of benefits in its revised FAQ, as shown below:

Silver MemberUp to 20% discount on walk-in rates at over 70 airport lounges in SEA
Gold MemberUp to 40% discount on walk-in rates at over 70 airport lounges in SEA

Up to 10% discount at more than 80 F&B merchants at airports in SEA
Platinum MemberPriority allocation for Grab Rides

Prioritised Platinum Support

Up to 55% discount on walk-in rates at over 70 airport lounges in SEA

Up to 20% discount at more than 80 F&B merchants at airports in SEA

At the same time, Grab will also make a minor tweak on how GrabRewards points expire. Currently, GrabRewards points have a 3-month rolling expiry which refreshes after a user makes a points-earning transaction before the expiry date. From 1 July, the 3-month rolling expiry is maintained, but users will now need to make one transaction using the GrabPay Wallet to refresh the rolling expiry date.

This isn’t too big an issue, since the GrabPay Wallet is the default payment method in the Grab app. This also means paying bills on Grab will reset the rolling expiry date of your points (since paying bills does not earn GrabRewards points). As a further clarification, Grab states that transactions that do not extend the validity of GrabRewards points are cash and card transactions, GrabPay credits transfer (P2P), GrabPay Wallet top-ups, Grab Subscription purchase or renewal, and GrabRewards redemptions.

In many ways, this simplifies the GrabRewards points structure. Even after a few years of its introduction, there are still users who get confused as to how many GrabRewards points do they actually earn per RM1 spent. It also means there is less significance on the membership tier – you no longer have to be a Platinum member to earn the highest returns on Grab; you just need to subscribe to GrabUnlimited (though the set of vouchers you get makes it more than worth subscribing to, even if you’re a casual Grab user).

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Diana Low
6 months ago

Been an active Grabpay user since 2017. Starting from 20pts to 3pts to now 1.5pts, Grab is slowly but surely driving me away from using their so called superapp. It’s no longer as beneficial to use as before. Look at the ridiculous Grabcar fares. I no longer able to afford Grabplus coz JustGrab is just as expensive

Js L
6 months ago
Reply to  Diana Low

Agree. 20 points to 3 points already very significant. Now 1.5/0.75 point that’s just kidding. I turned down boost this year and hop back grab, but now I guess is hopping back CB credit card.

6 months ago

WAS an active Grab user, but since their slow but sure transition into PURELY COMMERCIAL platform without any regards to its customers, I have decided to quit Grab. I urge you all to do the same and rely less on Grab. Otherwise, little did you know you will be completely reliant on Grab, by which they will totally control you.

SY Lau
5 months ago

Time to say bye bye to Grab Pay

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