Malaysia Airlines Enrich Members Can Redeem Shopee Voucher Codes With Enrich Miles

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Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has partnered with Shopee in the e-commerce platform’s Raya Bersama Shopee campaign, allowing Enrich members to redeem their Enrich Miles in the form of e-Shopee voucher codes.

According to MAS’ announcement, the redemption rate and redemption/usage period will differ between Enrich members who are new and existing Shopee users.

As a new Shopee user, you will be able to redeem 900 Enrich Miles for one RM10 e-Shopee voucher code, starting from today until 25 May 2020. You will then be able to use your voucher from 1 May to 26 May 2020, subject to a minimum spend of RM40. However, you are only allowed to redeem one voucher per person, and it is non-transferable.

As an existing Shopee user, however, you can redeem up to a maximum of 5 vouchers, set at a redemption rate of 1,000 Enrich Miles for one RM12 e-Shopee voucher code. The redemption period starts from today until 14 May 2020. Subsequently, you can use the vouchers on 14 and 15 May 2020, provided you spend at least RM100. You are also not allowed to stack the vouchers when making your purchases, but they can be transferred to your family or friends, as long as the recipients are also existing Shopee users.

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To redeem the vouchers, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to Enrich Online.
  • Select “Redeem – Lifestyle Vouchers”, and choose Shopee.
  • Set the quantity of vouchers that you wish to redeem, and submit your application for redemption.

Once approved, the voucher codes will be sent to the email address that you used to register with Enrich. Note that the redemption of these voucher codes is subject to availability, and the vouchers can only be used on the Shopee app, and valid to purchases from Shopee Mall and Preferred Sellers only. Additional restrictions include using them to purchase diapers and potties, baby food and formula, tickets and vouchers, S-Mart Milo, as well as automotive merchandises.

At a rate of 900 Miles for RM10 and 1,000 Miles for RM12, the redemption values are 1.11 sen and 1.2 sen per Enrich Mile respectively. It’s definitely not as high as the 4.75 sen per Mile valuation from redeeming flights, but it’s still higher than the ongoing promotion for Boost e-wallet credit redemption (at 2,000 Miles for RM20 credit, the valuation is 1 sen per Mile). That said, if you have expiring points soon, it may make more sense to redeem Boost vouchers instead of Shopee vouchers.

For starters, there is a minimum spend requirement of RM100 to use the Shopee vouchers. At that rate, you only get a maximum 12% discount from your purchases. You should be able to save more by stacking it with seller vouchers, though.

That said, the upcoming Shopee campaign will also see a slew of bank voucher codes with the same value (RM12 off minimum spend of RM100) as long you use the bank’s debit or credit card to complete the purchase (example codes include RAYACIMB, RAYAPBB, RAYAMBB, etc, and are only usable on 14-15 May). These vouchers come at no additional cost to the user, unlike spending Enrich Miles to obtain the same voucher value.

To find out more about the Raya Bersama Shopee promotion, head on over to MAS’ campaign page.

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