Malaysia Airlines Offers Boost E-Wallet Credit Redemptions Using Enrich Miles
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For a limited time, Malaysia Airlines is allowing members of its frequent flyer programme to redeem their Enrich Miles for Boost e-wallet credit. As redeeming miles for flights is a less viable option for most given the current Covid-19 climate, this could be an alternative way for Enrich members to make use of their frequent-flyer miles if they are expiring soon.

Between 16 April and 31 May 2020, Enrich members can redeem 2,000 Enrich Miles for a Boost credit redemption code worth RM20. Each member can redeem up to a maximum of five Boost redemption codes during the campaign period, and the redemption can be done on the Enrich online portal under the Redeem Lifestyle Vouchers section.

MAS Enrich Redemptions

Once redeemed, the redemption code must be utilised by 30 June 2020. You can redeem your code by entering it into the redemption code function on the Boost mobile app.

Is it worth redeeming?

Unlike other lifestyle vouchers that Enrich has offered in the past, the Boost redemption value is lower. Where the Enrich to RM50 Lazada and Zalora vouchers valued 1 Enrich Mile at 1.25 sen (4,000 Enrich Miles per voucher), the Boost redemption values 1 Enrich Mile at just 1 sen (2,000 Enrich Miles per RM20 code).

That said, the Lazada voucher redemption campaign ended last year, while the Zalora voucher redemption campaign will run until 30 April. Plus, with Boost offering e-wallet credit, it is a more versatile option than the Zalora code. Those who don’t tend to shop on Zalora may prefer to redeem the Boost voucher for more versatile spending options.

At 1 sen/mile valuation, is it worth redeeming? Redeeming a flight definitely has better value, but to confirm, let’s do some further calculations based on the assumed flight below.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Osaka, Japan (Economy Class), 10-13 September 2020

You can redeem a total of RM1,708 for 40,000 Enrich Miles, which works out to value 1 Enrich Mile at 4.27 sen – more than 4x compared to a Boost redemption. Business class redemption for the same flight above yields a valuation of 5.47 sen per Enrich Mile. In short, you could get between 4-5 times more dollar value per Enrich Mile by opting for a flight redemption over the Boost redemptions, but with COVID-19 showing no signs of abating globally, this may be a viable option if your Enrich Miles are expiring from June 2020 onwards (Miles expiring in March to May 2020 are given a complimentary six-month extension by Malaysia Airlines).

To redeem your Enrich Miles for Boost vouchers, head on over to the Malaysia Airlines Enrich website.

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