The Best Raya 2022 Ads From Banks And E-Wallets In Malaysia
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This year’s Raya celebrations will likely be the most memorable one in recent memory. Not only is this the first Raya that Malaysians can celebrate in all its glory since the start of the pandemic a little over two years ago, it also had everyone scrambling after it was announced that the first day of Raya would fall one day earlier than expected!

It seemed like a plot out of a Hari Raya ad that many of us have come to look forward to year after year. Pioneered by the likes of the late Yasmin Ahmad, Hari Raya ads tend to run almost like a short story, revolving around classic heartwarming themes.

So as you help yourself to more lemang, ketupat, and rendang, we’ve curated some of the best Raya ads from banks, e-wallets, and online shopping platforms that will surely keep you entertained.

Here’s five of our favourite Raya ads for 2022, and keep scrolling to catch the rest of the list!

Affin Bank

What’s it about: Titled “Kembali” (Return), Affin Bank’s Raya ad tells the story of a young man named Arif who returns to his home – an orphanage which became his refuge when he was orphaned at a young age. 

Why we like it: This ad is a beautiful story that will make you smile in the beginning and make your eyes water as Arif’s story unveils.

Hong Leong Bank

What’s it about: Hong Leong Bank’s Raya ad will bring a smile to your face as it portrays family members who cherish their time together, even when experiencing hiccups during their Hari Raya celebrations. 

Why we like it: This ad will bring your memory back to your hometown, and make you appreciate your loved ones more. It will also make you feel that it is okay if your Hari Raya is imperfect; what truly matters is the time you spend with those dear to your heart. 


What’s it about: CIMB’s Raya commercial tells a moving story of a single father who single-handedly raises his only child, Aimee, after the passing of his beloved wife.

Why we like it: This ad will make you think of the sacrifices made by your loved ones who earnestly want the best for you. This ad also shows that saying sorry can heal a wounded heart. 

RHB Bank

What’s it about: Based on a true story, RHB’s Raya ad glimpses into how it feels to be in a foreign land.

Why we like it: This ad reminds us to be kind to one another, regardless of the differences that we may have. It will also make you see how an act of kindness – even a small one – will go a long way. 


What’s it about: This rib-tickling Raya ad by Shopee features a trio of “scary” friends who returns to their hometown approaching the Hari Raya celebrations. Given their fierce look and demeanour, they are seen as troublemakers who come back to their hometown to wreak havoc.

Why we like it: This amusing ad teaches us to look at someone beyond their look, as one’s appearance may be misleading as the story shows.


Here are more Raya ads by some other banks and e-wallet providers that you can also enjoy:

Alliance Bank


Bank Muamalat

Bank Rakyat

Bank Simpanan Nasional



Standard Chartered Bank




Touch ‘n Go


Whether you’re into heart-wrenching Raya ads that bring tears to your eyes or humorous ones that tickle your funny bone, Raya commercials are filled with values that we can emulate. May your Raya celebrations be more meaningful, and may we become better as we draw lessons from the ads. 

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