AIA Malaysia Launches Two New Critical Illness And Medical Insurance Plans

aia_a-life beyond critical care_a-plus total health
(Image: BFM News)
aia_a-life beyond critical care_a-plus total health
(Image: BFM News)

AIA Malaysia has introduced two new health plans for its consumers, namely the A-Life Beyond Critical Care plan and the A-Plus Total Health plan.

The A-Life Beyond Critical Care plan is a comprehensive critical illness plan that provides coverage for 180 conditions, including early detection to prevention as well as from treatment to recovery. Meanwhile, the A-Plus Total Health plan is a takaful medical plan that lets you cover up to 6 family members.

A-Life Beyond Critical Care

A-Life Beyond Critical Care covers you for a total of 180 conditions up to 80 years old, spread across early, intermediate, and advanced stage critical illnesses. If you’re diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses listed, you will receive a lump sum payment of 100% of your coverage amount.

Aside from the financial coverage, the plan also entitles you to a personal medical case management (PMCM) service, allowing you to tap into a variety of medical benefits. Additionally, you can reap a maturity benefit of up to 150% of the total premiums that you have paid for this policy when your plan matures.

The plan also has several extra advantages for AIA Vitality members. Depending on your AIA Vitality status and your coverage amount, you will be able to claim a biennial health screening benefit of between RM300 to RM600. In the event that you are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the plan, you’ll also be entitled to the recovery support benefit. Moreover, AIA Vitality members can claim yearly cash bonuses starting from the end of the first policy year.

Lastly, all policyholders have the choice to enhance their A-Life Beyond Critical Care plan with an optional A-Plus Beyond Advance Care package, boosting certain benefits in the main plan.

A-Plus Total Health

Meanwhile, the A-Plus Total Health is a takaful medical plan with a coverage period of up to 80 years old, providing you with protection when you seek treatment and also safeguarding you against escalating medical costs. It also lets you include up to 6 family members under a single plan, making it a “one-stop health solution” for your family.

To begin, customers are allowed to customise their A-Plus Total Health plan according to their budget and needs. You can choose from a few plans and deductible options to determine your contribution for the plan. Depending on your choices, you’ll get medical protection of up to RM2 million a year.

Additionally, the plan comes with AIA’s Health Wallet feature, allowing you to utilise up to RM300 per year for health screening and vaccination – as well as a personal medical case management (PMCM) service similar to the one offered in the A-Life Beyond Critical Care plan.

Again, AIA Vitality members are accorded some extra perks in this plan, such as giving you up to 100% increase of your initial room and board entitlement and boosting your Health Wallet amount by up to 10% each year.

If policyholders choose to extend the medical coverage of this plan to include their family members, each family member will be accorded his or her own annual limit and Health Wallet.


To learn more about AIA’s new A-Life Beyond Critical Care plan and A-Plus Total Health plan, head on over to AIA’s website.


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