RinggitPlus Strengthens Strategic Partnership With AXA AFFIN Life Insurance
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RinggitPlus is geared to strengthen its long-term partnership with AXA AFFIN Life Insurance (AXA AFFIN). The partnership is set to provide additional benefits and comprehensive protection to the RinggitPlus community.

With a strong focus on digitalization, AXA AFFIN is a leader in digital disruption and pioneered digital medical insurance in Malaysia. The AXA eMedic is the first online medical card in the market, and until today remains one of the most popular digital medical insurance thanks to its affordability and accessibility.

Since then, AXA AFFIN has carved a niche for itself as a forward-thinking insurance provider with innovative digital products, making it easier than ever before for Malaysians to get insurance protection at their fingertips. AXA AFFIN continues to build capabilities in driving simplification and customer centricity in the customer journey, in addition to the current digital suites of e-policy, e-claims and a full fletch self-service platform.

“AXA AFFIN is an insurer with a digital-first mentality, which meant it was a seamless experience when we introduced its products onto RinggitPlus.com several years ago. Now I’m just as excited to collaborate further through this partnership,” said Hann Liew, co-founder and Director at RinggitPlus.

“We are ready to take on our partnership with RinggitPlus to the next level by offering not only online medical insurance but also all areas of life insurance protection such as life insurance and critical illness as well. This is aimed at bridging the protection gap in Malaysia by providing accessibility and affordability especially in times of heightened awareness right now”, said Kelvin Wong, Officer-in-Charge of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance.

For medical insurance, AXA eMedic offers medical coverage from as low as RM37 per month, including unlimited days for room and board as well as cashless hospital admission. Enjoy an additional 5% discount with the purchase of AXA eMedic Family Plan.

AXA iMed offers the same digital medical insurance convenience but with a higher annual limit of up to RM180,000 and additional coverage for chiropractic and acupuncture treatment, which is usually excluded by most insurers.

For life insurance, AXA eLife Protector+ offers one of the most affordable premiums in the market, from as low as RM2.39 per month for RM25,000 sum assured. Apart from the usual 100% sum assured payout in the event of death or total permanent disability (TPD), AXA eLife Protector+ offers an additional 100% payout for accidental death.

On the critical illness side, AXA eCritical Early Care is a critical illness plan that covers 50 major critical illnesses that also pays out 50% of the sum assured upon early-stage diagnosis and a maximum sum insured of up to RM250,000. This new product will be made available to RinggitPlus community.

All AXA AFFIN products mentioned above are available exclusively online where approval is instant with no medical check-up required.


The strategic partnership with AXA AFFIN marks another milestone for us at RinggitPlus, as we continue to ramp up our RinggitPlus Financial Planner service while collaborating with leading industry partners.

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