Here’s a More Flexible Data Plan to Fit Your Flexible Finance Situation
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Some rigidity is important when it comes to managing your finances. Keeping a strict budget, always paying the right amount on your loans, and paying them on time are all important ways in which sticking to one thing contributes to a healthy cashflow.

But there are also times when flexibility is what you need to help ease your financial burdens. Sometimes you want to spend more on your wants rather than your needs, sometimes you want the option of different payment methods, and sometimes you want to be able to pay only for the service that you use.

Thankfully, Hotlink hears you and in their goal to provide the best products for you, they’ve come up with the new Hotlink Postpaid Flex. A flexible postpaid plan with no contract necessary.

With unlimited calls and SMS to all networks, no contract fees or hidden fees, and an affordable RM30 per month base plan, Hotlink Postpaid Flex also offers a few unlimited high-speed internet bundles of your favourite apps that you can mix and match with.

Their base plan might be all you need, but you can also select one of these 5 add-ons:

Here’s a More Flexible Data Plan to Fit Your Flexible Finance Situation

Of course, you don’t have to add just one of these unlimited bundles to your plan. You can mix and match as you see fit, and change it however you like every month. If you do a lot of video calls, share plenty of pictures and videos via messaging apps, and like listening to music a lot then you should add Unlimited Chat (RM5) as well as Unlimited Music (RM10) to make your plan cost RM45 monthly.

If you’re a heavy sharer of content and like to have your finger on the pulse for the latest online news and gossip, you should add the Unlimited Social (RM10) and Unlimited Chat (RM5) for a plan that costs RM45 a month also.

For the social influencers who also use the internet heavily when on the go, you can add on the 5GB high-speed internet (RM25) on top of Unlimited Social (RM10) for RM65 a month.

If that’s a little too steep for you, they even offer a great value bundle for your ringgit with 3GB high-speed internet at only RM10. Which, together with the basic plan gets you 4GB plus unlimited calls and text for just RM40 a month!

Don’t get locked into the same plan forever, paying for services you don’t use. Get Hotlink Postpaid Flex and get the most flexible and affordable postpaid plan with all your favourite apps on the No. 1 4G network in Malaysia right now. Click through to their official website to find out more!


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