Digi Introduces New Roaming Passes, Monthly Subscription For Roam Like Home Postpaid Add-On
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Digi has introduced two new international roaming plans for customers who may be travelling abroad soon, namely a three-day Asia Pass and a seven-day World Traveller Pass. Additionally, Digi customers who are subscribed to selected Digi postpaid plans may now also sign up for the Roam Like Home add-on as a monthly recurring package.

To begin, the three-day Asia Pass – which is priced at RM25 – offers 2GB of internet data and 30 minutes of voice calls. It can be used in more than 20 countries, including Vietnam, China, and Japan. There is an ongoing promo, however, that offers you some extra perks if you tap into this pass during your travels to Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia; you’ll be entitled to an extra 2GB internet data – which means you’ll get a total of 4GB altogether.

Meanwhile, those who purchase the seven-day World Traveller Pass will be able to enjoy 7GB of internet data and 60 minutes of voice calls. Priced at RM50, this plan is usable in a total of 46 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

Here’s a table to better present the features of both the Asia Pass and World Traveller Pass:

Asia Pass3 days– 2GB internet data
– 30 minutes voice calls  

(Promo: 4GB internet data for Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand)
More than 20 countriesRM25
World Traveller Pass7 days– 7GB internet data
– 60 minutes voice calls
46 countriesRM50

Do note, though, that both plans are “for single-country use only”. This means that you cannot use these roaming plans in several countries if you are visiting more than one country during your journey. So for instance, if you’ve purchased the World Traveller Pass and are visiting both New Zealand and Australia, the plan can only be used in either New Zealand or Australia after it is activated.

Digi’s website also indicated that a 14-day Asia Pass will be coming soon, along with a special 14-day pass for Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. As such, you may want to check back occasionally to see if they’re already available if you’re in need of an international roaming plan with a longer period.

For postpaid users, on the other hand, there is now a monthly Roam Like Home add-on that you can tap into (subscribed at a fixed monthly fee). Available for customers who are subscribed to the Digi Postpaid 90 plan and above, it provides 10GB of internet data, 60 minutes of voice calls, and 60 minutes of international direct dialing (IDD) calls. It can be used in 10 countries – including Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore – with the pricing differing based on your plan.

Prior to this, the Roam Like Home add-on was available on a non-contractual basis; you can purchase it on a one-off basis (priced at RM35 per month). With Digi now enabling subscription to this add-on on a contractual basis, Digi customers who travel frequently will find the process to be much more convenient. As an introductory promo, Digi is currently offering the Roam Like Home add-on for free to existing Digi Postpaid subscribers without an active contract, provided they sign up for a 12-month contract via Freedom add-ons.

Finally, Digi customers who would like to purchase the international roaming passes (both the Asia Pass and the World Traveller Pass), or subscribe to the Roam Like Home add-on can do so via their MyDigi app.

(Sources: Digi, Lowyat.NET)

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