How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Wasting Precious Data

Avoid a pricey surprise on your phone bill by saving money on expensive data charges with these handy tips and tricks!


Where Is All Your Data Going?

If you’re frequently running out of data when you haven’t really used any, you’ll need to be wary certain ‘data suckers’.

Photos, music, maps, internet voice messages, apps, social media, video sites and surfing the net can all take up a ton of data especially when apps are preset to automatically download updates and media.

In addition, if your device has more advanced internet capabilities i.e. 3G and 4G parameters, your data consumption will be a lot larger.

It’s All in The Settings

Thankfully, you can control data consumption on your phone with a few simple settings tweaks. Here are four quick ways to save your smartphone’s data usage right now:

1. Don’t Allow Phone Updates Over Mobile Data

Choose manual updates or set your device to receive them with Wi-Fi internet only. Software updates can quickly blow through your data for the entire month.

How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Wasting Precious Data

This setting can be found under the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play App for Android devices.

2. Disable Automatic Media Downloads

WhatsApp, Facebook and the like may download photos, videos and other media that can significantly eat data. Instead, customize what media may be downloaded when you have Wi-Fi and what may not be downloaded from your mobile data.

How do you determine which app you need to do this for? Simple: if you chat with it, you probably need to turn this one on. This means apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Line, and any other app where you can send and receive photos or video.

3. Set a Usage Limit For Mobile Data

Androids and iPhones can be programmed to cut off data consumption when you’ve reached a preset limit or to remind you when you are within close range of your limit.

The feature should also allow you to monitor which apps are taking up the most data. Once you’ve identified the apps, consider uninstalling if unessential or apply further controls.

4. Turn Off Mobile Data Accessibility When Your Data Plan Expires.

Your smartphone is usually programmed to consume its internet needs from Wi-Fi sources but if it isn’t available, your mobile data becomes its primary source.

Now if you don’t have a data plan or if yours has expired, exorbitant data charges may be incurred. So it’s good to turn your data off when you’re out of it. One easy way to remember is to create a shortcut and put it right on your phone screen so you see it every time.

Once you’ve set your phone to limit or stop unnecessary data consumption, save even more by downloading (with Wi-Fi) instead of streaming from apps like Spotify, iflix and Netflix. Do also load offline maps into your phone to avoid excessive GPS data charges (if not included in your plan).

Bonus Tip: Although, most phones tend be user-friendly enough to allow you to make these settings changes fairly easily, do take the time to go through your phone’s manual and learn about the other ways through which your model can be programmed to save data.

Saving On Data Charges While Overseas

It’s almost a necessity for travelers to have internet available on their phones for safety, to make itinerary changes or to look up travel-related information. But data can quickly run out and if travelers are not careful, they could be stuck with hefty bills arising from data roaming charges.

In these situations, the best thing to do is to buy a local data prepaid card, it’s much cheaper as you will not have to pay for roaming charges and will typically enjoy lower local internet rates. Just remember to keep a couple of reloads handy and plan for data-rich surfing while in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Do also research the internet provider’s network range, so you can stay connected as much as possible.

Saving With the Right Plan

If your data needs are extensive, the smartest way to save money and still enjoy optimum internet levels is to sign up for the right data plan. To discover the most affordable and fastest service with enough data allowances for your needs, do have a look at the Best Mobile Broadband Plans in Malaysia!


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