iPhone SE Phone Plans
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The latest Apple iPhone has been released in the Malaysian market at RM1,949 for the 16GB model and RM2,449 for the 64GB model. Along with that launch, the competitive offerings from all the different telco companies have followed suit. Instead of splurging for a phone on its own, why not take a look at what the telco companies are offering and see how much you could probably save in the process if you sign up for a contract.

Here is a comparison of the plans indicating the device prices, monthly commitments, contract term as well as data allowance provided by each of these companies for both the 16GB and 64GB models.

Plan Name Contract Term (Months) Monthly Commitment Data Allowance iPhone SE 16GB iPhone SE 64GB
Digi Postpaid- 48 More Internet 12 RM 48 3GB RM 1,665 RM 2,090
Digi Postpaid- 68 More Internet 24 RM 68 6GB RM 1,209 RM 1,634
Digi Postpaid- 98 More Internet 24 RM 98 10GB RM 993 RM 1,418
Digi Postpaid- 148 More Internet 24 RM 148 14GB RM 681 RM 1,106
Digi Postpaid- 238 More Internet 24 RM 238 30GB RM 0 RM 482
CelcomFIRST Blue 12 RM 45 4GB RM 1,665 RM 2,090
CelcomFIRST Gold 12 RM 80 10GB RM 1,548 RM 1,968
CelcomFIRST Platinum 6 RM 150 18GB RM 1,665 RM 2,090
CelcomFIRST Platinum 24 RM 150 18GB RM 998 RM 1,100
U Mobile i40 24 RM 40 1.5GB RM 1,425 RM 1,850
U Mobile i60 24 RM 60 5GB RM 1,305 RM 1,730
U Mobile i90 24 RM 90 7GB RM 1,065 RM 1,490
U Mobile i130 24 RM 130 10GB RM 705 RM 1,130
MaxisOne Plan 128 24 RM 128 10GB RM895 RM 1,320
MaxisOne Plan 158 24 RM 158 15GB RM895 RM 1,320
MaxisOne Plan 188 24 RM 188 20GB RM895 RM 1,320

How to Choose a Plan

Some people are afraid of being tied to a contract as they may lose out if there are better phone plans that may pop up in the future. Ask yourself, how many times have you really swapped telco services in the past year? That could help you determine how long a contract you should tie yourself in for.

iPhone SE Phone Plans

In a realistic and economical sense, people normally use their phone for a year or two before switching. So why not sign up for a plan and save some money on the device since you are bound to have a standard monthly commitment on your phone bill anyway?

If you are wondering which is the best deal, it is very subjective matter. Different people value their service providers differently. Some require a line which has a wider coverage area while others may just want the cheapest combination for the highest data.

If you would like to compare these plans along with other phones in the market, be sure to use the comparison tool on our website and sign up for one.

Which plan would you opt for? Tell us in the comments below


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