Is an Internet Service Provider The Only Thing You Need For Your Entertainment?

We use the internet for everything nowadays, but can it really replace all our other sources of entertainment as well? Here’s how you do exactly that.


As an online entity, we’re a bit biased when we say this, but it’s true: a good internet service provider is one of the most important things that households need to pay attention to. We use it to connect with each other, conduct businesses, and as the place we get our media from. But can it be the only place for you to fulfill all your entertainment needs? Maybe. Let’s find out.


While record stores may be going away with the advent of digital downloads via iTunes or streaming services like Spotify, people do still listen to the radio. If you like listening to news and radio personalities from your favourite stations, you still need a radio in your household. Or do you?

Is an Internet Service Provider The Only Thing You Need For Your Entertainment?

Like we’ve mentioned, for music, services like Spotify and iTunes serve as more than adequate substitutes. You don’t have to hear any annoying ads, and you no longer have to fiddle with antennae to find the best signal. As far as radio personalities go, you can just go online and listen to ad-supported podcasts via any device connected to the internet. It’s essentially the same experience, but all online. Score one for internet service providers.


Nothing is quite like the experience of sitting with hot popcorn in your lap and marveling at a gigantic screen showing the latest storytelling epic featuring your favourite film stars. And now with 3D, IMAX, and several other configurations impossible to replicate at home, there’s no way watching movies can be replaced by your internet service providers, right?

For one thing, watching movies at the cinema costs money. Not just the ticket price, but also the cost of driving there, parking fees, and that RM20 small popcorn. With video-on-demand services like iflix or Netflix, you can watch whatever movie (or TV series) you want in full HD quality at your own convenience, with your own snacks.

Live Events

Here’s one thing that digital substitutes can’t replace. Live performances of music, comedy, or poetry are more intimate, culturally resonant, and gives us a sense of contributing to the local arts community. No fiber optic connection can beat that.

Unless you’re on Periscope, YouTube Live, or Twitch. These three services offer live video streams to different live events all over the world. Not only do you get to know what’s happening right as it happens, you also don’t even need to get out of your underwear. Internet service provider wins again.

While getting your entertainment without the internet is still a fun and fulfilling experience in its own right, it’s hard to deny that a fast, solid internet connection can do wonders to achieve the same goals. It looks like a good internet service provider really can be all you need to entertain yourself. However, we recommend switching between getting your entertainment via the net, and going out into the community once in a while. Just to get some sun, at least.

Speaking of internet service providers, check out our comparison tool for finding out which of the popular providers in Malaysia is the best fit for you. Do you have anything to say about this article? Do let us know in the comments section down below!


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