Too Much Mobile Data and No Idea How to Use Them? Try These…

Are you on an awesome plan that gives you boatloads of data that you aren’t fully utilising? Then check out these fun and fruitful ways you can make use of all that data!


With the increasing variety of mobile internet plans in Malaysia, you might just find yourself in a situation where you have more than you need.

So instead of letting your data go to waste, why not employ them to help you save money, or at the very least, make the most out of the data you have? Here are some cool ways to spend your data:

Too Much Mobile Data and No Idea How to Use Them? Try These...

Switch To Video and Internet Voice Calls

Instead of spending money with your call plan or prepaid minutes, use caller apps like Skype or WhatsApp to make calls. Hotlink for example, charges RM0.12 per 30 seconds for voice and video calls; and RM0.12 per SMS sent. You’ll be saving quite a bit if you use your mobile data to make Internet calls and texts instead.

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If you have friends or relatives overseas, you’ll save even more money as local service providers charge hefty rates for international calls and text messages. For instance, if you want to connect with someone in Singapore, Digi Postaid charges RM0.48 per minute for calls to mobile numbers, RM0.30 for SMS, and RM1.00 per minute for video calls. Using internet voice calls or video calls means you don’t have to pay these hefty fees.

Work Outside

If you are allowed to work outside the office, you might still be tethered to places that provide Wi-Fi like a coffee shop or restaurant.

If you have tons of data, you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi, and can pretty much work from anywhere by connecting your computer to your mobile data service via bluetooth. You can also connect your computer to an android smartphone or iPhone with a USB cord after activating your mobile hotspot.

Enjoy Streaming and Game Apps

Watch movies and TV shows, play games or listen to music wherever you are. Having access to entertainment sites and apps can put a positive spin on tedious or mundane experiences.

Don’t hesitate to stream your favourite music playlists while stuck in a traffic jam or watch a funny YouTube clip while you queue at a fast-food restaurant. It’ll sure help make the minutes fly by.
Apps like iflix, Netflix, Spotify and Candy Crush Saga consume data rather quickly, thus it’s unlikely you’ll leave much of an unused data balance if you were to use these apps often.

The Obvious Solution

If you can’t seem to use up your monthly data allotment, perhaps it’s time you downgrade your services to a cheaper plan. Unless you’re under a contract, a more modest data plan will save you money every month, and all those excess data won’t go to waste.

Looking for a mobile data plan that fits your internet needs like a glove? Then head on over to our comparison page, so you can research and discover the perfect plan for your needs!


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