Fuelling Up? Check Out Which Petrol Stations Offer The Best Reward Points
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Last update: 5 May 2021

Drive into any petrol station and the process of filling up your tank is the same. But if there is one difference between the petrol stations in Malaysia, it’s in the loyalty programmes.

If you’re a car owner, fueling up with petrol is a necessity, so signing up for a loyalty programme is a great way to be rewarded for this necessary purchase. With repeated visits to fuel up, petrol loyalty programmes can help add to your savings through a variety of gifts and vouchers redemption. What’s more, there are often campaigns tied into these loyalty programmes that allow you to maximise your point earnings or redeem exclusive gifts – giving you extra value to your routine visit to the petrol station.

But with a number of options of petrol stations to choose from, which one gives us the best value?

To find out which petrol stations has the best loyalty programme for its everyday consumers, let’s take a look at the five leading petrol brands in Malaysia as we compare their loyalty programmes through these three key aspects: Everyday Point-Earning Ratio, Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio, and Gifts & Redemptions, while making note of any extra perks. At the end of this article, to demonstrate the value of each programme in your daily lives, we’ll show you just how many points each programme delivers.

BonusLink Card, Shell 

A household name that has been around since 1998, BonusLink should be familiar to anyone who has fueled up or shopped at a Shell station.

Everyday Point Earning Ratio:

The point-earning ratio is fuss-free; you earn 1 BonusLink Point for every litre of fuel purchased or RM1 spent on Shell SELECT purchases at any of the 950 Shell Stations across Malaysia

There are some exceptions to this — 1.25 BonusLink Points per litre is awarded for purchases of Shell V-Power Racing fuel, and no points are awarded for purchases of tobacco, bill payments on ePay, Touch ’n Go card reloads, and in-store services at Shell SELECT.

Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio: 

If you’re looking to maximise your point accumulation, Shell is currently running the “Ekstra Ganjaran Setiap Hari” campaign that allows you to earn up to 4x BonusLink Points for fuel purchases until 31 July 2021.

You do need to spend a minimum of RM50 per receipt on petrol and do so at least 4 times a month to qualify for the maximum BonusLink Points Multiplier — so if your vehicle requires a lot of fuel or you’re frequently driving on the road, this campaign offers the most points for your buck. Additionally, if you fuel up with Shell FuelSave95, you’ll not only collect points but also enjoy instant savings with its special fuel formulation designed to deliver extra kilometres on every journey.

Gifts & Redemptions:

Once you have your BonusLink Points in hand, you can start redeeming fuel, snacks, and treats in-store at Shell SELECT from as low as 100 BonusLink Points. Some of these treats include Yeo’s Can Drink (300ml), Coca-Cola Klasik (320ml), Nescafe Tarik (240ml), Himalaya Salt (15g), Shell SELECT Keropok Ikan (Original/Spicy) and more.  

Extra Perks: 

With the BonusLink card you can also accumulate points when you spend at other partners such as Parkson, Watsons, and Sports Direct via BLINK Mall on BonusLink App, and then pool your points to redeem fuel vouchers and more from Shell or a gift from the BonusLink Gift Catalogue

Petron Miles Privilege Card 

With over 600 Petron petrol stations nationwide, there are plenty of opportunities to use the Petron Miles Privilege Card.

Everyday Point Earning Ratio:

Earning points with the Petron Miles Privilege Card is a breeze with 2 Petron Mile Points awarded for every litre of petrol purchased. For example, the average Perodua Myvi requires roughly 36 litres of petrol for a full tank, so a full pump of RON95 gives you 72 Petron Miles Points.

Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio: 

While there isn’t an ongoing campaign that increases the point earning ratio, there are a variety of promotions available for Petron Miles Privilege Card members such as discount promo codes for Team Malaysia Apparels and exclusive Fast & Furious merchandise.

Gifts & Redemptions:

As for rewards redemptions, you can choose to redeem instantaneous rewards in the form of rebates for Blaze fuel or Petron Treats Mart purchases.

Alternatively, if you can wait for your gratification, browse through the Merchandise Redemption online catalogue for a variety of products that include little toys for children, hair styling tools, supermarket vouchers, and more.

Extra Perks: 

Unlike the BonusLink Card, you can’t earn Petron Mile Points from other partners. However, there are promo codes available on the website that Petron Miles members can use to get discounts on Bungkusit, Bawiq app, and even Covid-19 rt-PCR tests with BookDoc. 


As of 1 April 2020, the Mesra Loyalty Programme has gone digital. You can now link your Mesra Card to your Setel app to earn, review and redeem rewards with your Mesra Points. 

Everyday Point Earning Ratio:

On the surface, earning points is simple with 1 Mesra Point awarded per litre of petrol or RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra. But the Mesra Loyalty Programme also includes a campaign that rewards members with bonus points as they spend with Setel. Adding to that, your Mesra card must be linked to your Setel account to receive the bonus points.

Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio:

Until 30 June 2021, all users can earn up to 3x Mesra Points when they purchase fuel or spend at Kedai Mesra with Setel. The campaign rewards you based on a tiered reward system that starts from 1.5x bonus points up to 3x bonus points; so the more you spend, the more bonus points you receive.

Points Tier

Mesra Points Earned Per Month  Bonus Points Multiplier

Tier 1

1 – 99 Mesra Points


Tier 2

100 – 279 Mesra Points


Tier 3 280 and above Mesra Points 


The Mesra Loyalty Programme website also lists another campaign but that is limited to only new Setel users; they can enjoy up to 10x Mesra points for every RM1 spent on fuel, Kedai Mesra purchases, Setel top-up, and Deliver2Me, when they pay using Setel at PETRONAS stations. While the campaign goes on until 30 June 2021, the bonus point-earning period is limited to the first 30 days upon successful registration and is capped at maximum 800 bonus Mesra points only.

Gifts & Redemptions:

When it comes to rewards, the Mesra Rewards pack a punch. From as low as 800 points, you can redeem vouchers for Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, CakeSense, or you could accumulate points for larger rewards like a Google Nest Mini.

Extra Perks: 

In addition to redeeming vouchers on Setel, you can also convert your Mesra Points to AirAsia BIG Points, flash your Mesra Card for 15% off admission to Petrosains, and even earn more Mesra Points when you shop at Rebate Mango.

BHPetrol eCard

If you’re looking for a fuss-free petrol loyalty programme with a digital presence then the BHPetrol eCard should top your list. 

Everyday Point Earning Ratio:

Available as a physical card or a digital one via a new mobile app, you can earn 1ePoint for every 1L spent on petrol and diesel or RM1 spent on BHPetromart items.

Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio:

As of 1 April, BHPetrol is giving out 2x ePoints for every litre of Infiniti Ron 95, Ron 97 and Euro Diesel B10 fuel, and 3x ePoints for every litre of Infiniti Euro 5 Diesel B7. While the specifics of the campaign (including the end date) were not provided, the banner on the website did state “terms and conditions apply.”

Gifts & Redemptions:

BHPetrol eCard does offer great rewards. With only 550ePoints, you can redeem RM5 worth of fuel and with 950ePoints RM10 worth of fuel. 

However, accumulating your ePoints will allow you to tap into more attractive rewards at their online catalogue that features a wide array of categories. The more prominent reward gifts that stand out include Elba home appliances, Dyson hairstyling tools, Huawei gadgets, and many more.

Extra Perks: 

While Lim Tayar is mentioned as a BHPetrol Partner, there is no information on the perks of this partnership.

Caltex JOURNEY Card

Teaming up with B Infinite, the Caltex Journey Card not only allows you to earn BPoints when you pump petrol but also when you spend at any participating B Infinite merchants. 

Everyday Point Earning Ratio:

The JOURNEY Card gives 1BPoint per litre of petrol.

Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio:

There weren’t any ongoing promotions listed on their website at the time this article was written.

Gifts & Redemptions:

The BPoints can be used to redeem Caltex petrol, selected items at Caltex convenience stores, and deals on restaurants and spas from the B Infinite website.

Extra Perks: 

Even though you only get 1BPoint per litre of petrol, it’s still easy to accumulate points from the vast network of participating B Infinite merchants that include Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, and more. 

So, which petrol loyalty programme is the one for you?
Comparison Aspect

Loyalty Programme

BonusLink Card, Shell Petron Miles Privilege Card PETRONAS Mesra Card BHPetrol eCard Caltex JOURNEY Card
Everyday Point Earning Ratio 1L = 1 BonusLink Point 1L = 2 Miles Points 1L = 1 Mesra Point 1L = 1 ePoint 1L = 1 BPoint
Special Campaign Point Earning Ratio Up to 4x Bonus Point Multiplier until 31 July 2021 N/A Up to 3x Bonus Points until 30 June 2021

New Setel Users only:

10x Bonus Points for every RM1 spent until 30 June 2021

Up to 3x ePoints, T&Cs apply. N/A
Gifts & Redemptions Redeem fuel, snacks, and treats from 100 points Redeem fuel and other merchandise Redeem vouchers for dining, beauty, services, and more Redeem fuel and lavish gifts Redeem fuel and vouchers for dining, beauty, and more

How will these benefit you and your daily drive?

Using a Perodua Myvi as a touchstone for comparison, 

let’s see how many points you can get with each programme.

The average Perodua Myvi which requires

 roughly 36L of petrol for a full tank, or approx. RM73.80 of RON 95 fuel*. 

* RON95 fuel price at RM2.05/L as of Apr 9, 2021

Points Earned for Single Visit  36 BonusLink Points 72 Miles Points 36 Mesra Points 36 ePoints 36 BPoints
Points Earned for Multiple Visits (4 visits per month) Everyday Earning: 144 BonusLink Points

Special Campaign Earning: 360 BonusLink Points

Everyday Earning: 288 Miles  Everyday  Earning: 144 Mesra Points

Special Campaign Earning (existing users) 252 Mesra Points

Everyday Earning: 144 ePoints

Special Campaign Earning: 288 ePoints

Everyday Earning: 144 BPoints

And there you have it. When it comes to the Everyday Point Earning Ratio for single visits, the Petron Miles Privilege Card tops the list with 2 Miles Points per litre. For a full tank of 36L, you would get 72 Miles Points — the highest points accrued across the board.

Alternatively, for the same amount (36L of fuel) you would get 36 Points for the BonusLink, PETRONAS Mesra, and the rest of the loyalty programmes respectively.

Similarly, when it comes to multiple visits for weekly fuel top-ups (i.e. 4 visits per month), Petron offers a large number of points with 288 Miles points per month, followed by BonusLink, BHPetrol, Petronas Mesra, and the Caltex Journey Card (144 points each).

However, from now until 31 July 2021, Shell does have a leg up with the highest number of points earned with multiple visits for existing customers at 360 BonusLink Points because of the “Ekstra Ganjaran Setiap Hari” campaign. Offering the highest reward points per RM1 spent during a campaign period, you can maximise your earnings with 4x BonusLink Points as long as you meet the campaign requirements.

So, the next time you’re fuelling up and you get asked if you want a loyalty card, why not opt in and take advantage of their reward points? Try them all and find out for yourself which loyalty programme best suits your needs and lifestyle!

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2 years ago

BHPetrol is only awarding 2ePoint per every Litre purchased w.e.f. 1st April 2021, and NOT 1ePoint for every RM1 spent (though, the website is showing 1ePoint per every litre purchased http://www.bhpetrol.com.my/products-services/cards-services/bhpetrol-ecard/overview )

Caltex on the other hand, has a 250 BPoint earning cap limit per each swipe, say if you are purchasing more than 250 Litre of fuel, Caltex Journey Card user is required to “request” the cash register operator to perform 2 swipes, or else, user will only earn a max 250 BPoint per swipe. (Limitation on their BPoint POS System)

Eugene Tan
2 years ago

Thank you for the in-depth details on petrol points. I hope you could continue update after 31st July or when there is a new promo. Thank you once again.

Baskaran Ramasamy
2 years ago

I think the best rewards is to redeem for Fuel petrol again .

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