Mubi Offers A Curated Selection Of Local & Global Movies From Just RM10 A Month
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Malaysians now have yet another entertainment option as streaming platform, Mubi, begins offering movies from Malaysia and the Nusantara region via its local channel, Mubi Sinema.

Mubi is a specialised streaming platform that offers a curated selection of movies to its subscribers. Each day, it will feature a new title, which is then made available for viewing for 30 days before it is removed.

According to Mubi’s director of content, Ho Hock Doong, the channel will feature some of the best Nusantara films. “Whether it is a film you missed at the cinema or something you just want to watch again, I am delighted that we can spotlight regional cinema on Mubi with great new movies every single day, and we will keep bringing more amazing movies to Mubi Sinema for our audience in Malaysia,” he said.

Aside from Mubi Sinema, there are another two channels available on the platform for Malaysian subscribers: Mubi Boo and Mubi World. Mubi Boo is a channel that is curated in collaboration with Astro to feature horror films, such as Korea’s Mourning Grave and local production, Perjanjian Syaitan. Meanwhile, Mubi World offers award-winning international films.

“Titles playing today will include Edmund Yeoh’s 2014 drama River of Exploding Durians, Pablo Larraín’s latest feature film Ema, and The Orphanage from Shahrbanoo Sadat,” said Ho, adding that the films will be available for streaming on the web, mobile devices, smart television, and streaming sticks. Mubi will also include Koleksi, a film library that gives you access to hundreds of movies at a time.

Apart from its streaming service, Mubi also prides itself in its extensive movie-related database, which features reviews as well as in-depth discussions and content. Additionally, there is a section titled Notebook, where Mubi posts daily articles that are relevant to films.

If you’re interested, Mubi is currently offering a special introductory promotion, allowing you to subscribe to the streaming platform for three months at just RM10 – payable via Digi or Maxis. After the three months are up, you can continue your subscription with a monthly fee of RM10. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a basic account, which is free, but it only gives you access to Mubi’s database and Notebook.

Mubi has actually been available since in Malaysia since June 2019, partnering Digi and Maxis to begin operations. Back then, the streaming platform noted that it will debut in the country with two new channels, Mubi Sinema and Mubi Dekho! Channel, in addition to its regular offering of Western movies. This will subsequently be followed by another two channels, one focusing on Chinese and Korean films while another on South Indian films.

To find out more about Mubi, you can head on over to its website.

(Sources: The Malaysian Reserve, Variety)

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