Shopback: Malaysians Love To Shop Online Between 2-3pm

Shopback 5th anniversary

Shopback 5th anniversary

Malaysians are most actively shopping online at 2-3pm, while on special online sales events, it shifts to 12-1am. This insight was among several interesting statistics about Malaysians’ online shopping behaviour shared by Shopback.

As it celebrates its 5th birthday in Malaysia, Shopback took some time to share some trends and statistics in the changing online shopping habits among Malaysians. With over 2.5 million users in the country, its data represents a good portion of online shoppers in the country.

For instance, on normal days, Malaysians are most actively shopping online between 2-3pm – smack in the middle of the work day. But during mega online sales such as 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12, this naturally changes to 12am-1am as customers rush to purchase limited promotional items and secure the best deals.

Another interesting stat is the declining average order value of Malaysians shopping in online marketplaces. Where it used to be driven by high-ticket items such as electronics in the past, the average order value for online marketplaces is around RM200 – three times lower than the average order value of Travel bookings made on Shopback.

Shopback 5th anniversary

According to Shopback country manager Eddy Han, there’s an easy explanation. “Besides selling products like gadgets and home appliances, Online Marketplaces has now evolved and diversified its offerings to allow users to reload mobile credits, pay their bills, and even grab discount vouchers. It has brought more convenience to users and more reasons to transact via Online Marketplaces,” he said.

To celebrate Shopback’s 5th year of operations in the country, the company is offering a range of promotions and offers, such as a grand prize of a RM50,000 shopping spree giveaway, 100% cashback vouchers, and upsized cashback deals ranging from 9% up to 18% during the campaign period (21-25 February 2020).

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