How Critical Illness Insurance Provides Protection During Uncertain Times

Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bicycle? Wearing a helmet was a must, but for added safety, there were also elbow guards and training wheels. All the extra protective gear probably gave you (and your parents) a sense of security knowing that even if you fell, you would still be okay. 

Insurance is like your protective gear. It’s a cushion that reduces the impact of your fall and protects your loved ones during uncertain times. 

One familiar cushion is medical insurance. With the sharp increase of medical and hospitalisation costs over the years, medical insurance has become the go-to protection to provide peace of mind during emergencies. However, medical insurance only covers the direct costs of in-hospital treatments, admittance, and surgery. What happens if you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer which may require additional long-term treatments or more financial support – which are not covered by medical insurance? 

To illustrate better on how critical illness insurance assists you during your time of need and how it differs from medical insurance,  let’s join Amy* in her journey to surviving leukaemia with the help of PRUMy Critical Care – a critical illness protection solution. 

*a fictional character for demonstration purposes

prudential infographic

Having financial protection has helped Amy, Jared Lee, Emily Tan, and countless others with critical illness get back on their feet. 

(Learn more about Jared Lee’s journey and Emily Tan’s journey here)

Critical illness does not discriminate by age or gender or fitness level – so it’s better to plan ahead and be prepared. Do something about it to gain peace of mind and be prepared for the unexpected by optimising your protection with a critical illness insurance solution, like PRUMy Critical Care. For more information on PRUMy Critical Care, speak to a Prudential Wealth Planner or visit the Prudential website. Additionally, to participate in the #StepUpAgainstCancer Challenge, you can click here.


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