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Travelling is an experience. Whether you’re doing it for business or pleasure, travel broadens the mind, introduces you to new people, and allows you to chase borderless opportunities in an ever-globalised world. However, travelling also consists of long flights, layovers, and constantly making sure that you’re in the right place at the right time. If you’re a frequent traveller, you would want your trips to be as convenient, stress-free, and even as rewarding as possible. You can make that happen by getting yourself the right travel credit card – like the CIMB World Mastercard.

The CIMB World Mastercard makes a great travel companion because it offers you rewards from before the start of your travels to the very end. From bonus points and cash rebates to the best perks for the travel-minded individual, we’ll show you how the CIMB World Mastercard rewards you every step of your travel journey, from planning to maximising your getaways.

Be Rewarded with 5X Bonus Points, Automatic Travel Insurance on Your Flight Tickets

The first step in planning a trip is usually booking your flight tickets, and the CIMB World Mastercard already has benefits to offer you here. CIMB World Mastercard cardholders earn 5x Bonus Points when they use their credit card to book their flights; normal local spend will award you with 1x Bonus Points. Given that flight tickets can be quite a large expense, the 5x multiplier is definitely worthwhile and goes a long way towards racking up your points accumulation.

There’s another benefit that you can get when you charge the full fare of your airline tickets to your CIMB World Mastercard – you receive automatic travel insurance coverage of up to RM1 million. You even get covered for travel inconveniences such as lost baggage or flight delays, so you don’t have to worry about the slightest bumps in the road. However, if you do want to purchase additional travel insurance, the CIMB World Mastercard gives you 15% off your premium and a stamp duty waiver for the Berjaya SOMPO Travel Plus plan.

Unlimited Cash Rebates on Your Overseas Spending

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The main benefit of the CIMB World Mastercard is of course the unlimited 1.5% cash rebate on overseas retail spend. If you make comparisons to other cards, there are only a few travel credit cards on the market that offer cashback instead of points for overseas use. When you spend in foreign currency, your cash rebate will be accumulated and posted to your account in your following month’s statement – offering more instant and direct benefits for your overseas retail spend.

Moreover, the cash rebate is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a cap on your benefits while you’re spending away on your travels. In addition to that, online spend in a foreign currency also counts as overseas spend, so you get 1.5% cash rebate for that too!

CIMB World Mastercard holders are also eligible for cash rebate offers under the Mastercard Traveller Rewards programme. On top of your 1.5% overseas cash rebate, you can get cash rewards when you use your CIMB World Mastercard at the participating merchant outlets, without the need for any coupons or offer codes.

If you need to spend at places that only accept cash, your CIMB World Mastercard still has benefits to offer. You can enjoy preferential foreign exchange rates thanks to your CIMB World Mastercard – just make sure to change your currency at a CIMB Bank Currency Exchangein Malaysia.

Enjoy The Mastercard Southeast Asia Golf Privileges

Travelling isn’t all about shopping and dining and sightseeing. For some, the highlight of any trip lies elsewhere – on the golf course. If your idea of the perfect travel activity is checking out the greens in whatever country you’re in, then you’ll be glad to find out that the CIMB World Mastercard has privileges to offer you in this area as well.

World Mastercard cardholders are eligible for the Mastercard Southeast Asia Golf world programme, which gives you 50% off walk-in green fees at 25 courses in 9 countries. So, if you’ve ever wanted to achieve a hole-in-one in Taiwan or Korea, know that the CIMB World Mastercard has benefits to offer while you chase that dream.

Enjoy 15% OFF at The ZON Duty Free Outlets

No trip is complete without a stop at the duty-free outlets on your way home. You might want to add to your stock of duty-free goods at home, or perhaps you just forgot to pick up enough souvenirs on your trip. Either way, do your duty-free shopping at The ZON Duty Free outlets in Malaysia and get rewarded with an instant 15% discount when you pay with your CIMB World Mastercard. With both duty-free prices and this cool discount, you can get all the chocolates, skincare, and fragrances you need at a really neat bargain compared to ordinary retail prices.

Airport Premium Ride From RM99

Don’t stress about having to flag a cab home when you’ve just disembarked from a tiring flight. As a CIMB World Mastercard cardholder, you can book a one-way or return ride of your choice between Klang Valley and KLIA or klia2. Prices start at RM99 for a Toyota Innova, but you can also opt for a Nissan Serena Hybrid or a more luxurious BMW 5 series or Mercedes E class. If you book a return ride, you also enjoy an additional 10% off.

CIMB World Mastercard – Your Ultimate Travel Companion

As you can see, the CIMB World Mastercard isn’t just the card you would use when you are travelling overseas. From the moment you book your flights right until you finish up your trip with some duty-free shopping, the CIMB World Mastercard has rewards and benefits to offer you galore. Moreover, this travel credit card has an annual fee waiver and so comes free for life. Don’t miss out on all the travel perks you could be enjoying– get yourself the CIMB World Mastercard today.

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Doreen Teh
3 years ago

I am 60 year old, can I apply

Pang Tun Yau
3 years ago
Reply to  Doreen Teh

Hi Doreen, yes. Most banks do not impose an upper limit for age eligibility (we found one that sets the limit at 65 years though). Most of the time, if you are able to provide income documents that fulfill the cards’ requirements, you are eligible to apply. If not, some banks request that you place a fixed deposit of the amount equal to the credit limit granted.

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