Why The Lazada Citi Credit Card Is The Best Choice For Online Sales
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Online sales are the perfect opportunity for you to save money while carrying out your necessary expenditure. These days, you can get almost anything online – from groceries and household items, to beauty products and so on. So, when the 11.11 and 12.12 sales roll around this year, make sure to have your shopping lists ready to rack up on those savings.

To further increase your savings from the year-end online sales, you should use a credit card that is geared towards rewarding online and e-commerce spend – like the Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card. Here are some reasons why the Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card is the best companion for shopping at online sales.

Earn 10x Rewards Points On Lazada

As one of the largest online shopping platforms in the country, Lazada is a household name and is popular among online shoppers. During last year’s 11.11 sales, it took less than one hour for Lazada Malaysia to sell 1 million items once the annual Singles’ Day sales commenced. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will be doing a lot of your year-end shopping on Lazada – and if you pay using the Lazada Citi Credit Card, you can get 10x Rewards Points.

The Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card gives you 10x Rewards Points on all spending made at Lazada, capped at RM500 cumulative spend per month. Beyond that, you still get 1x Rewards Points for every Ringgit spent on Lazada. So, if you spend RM600 on Lazada in one month, you rack up a total of 5,100 Rewards Points!

Additional Cashback With Lazada Wallet Top-Ups

The 10x Rewards Points is also extended to top-ups to your Lazada Wallet, making it even easier for you to collect points. Moreover, Lazada Citi credit cardholders get additional Lazada Wallet cashback between 10-20%, depending on whether you are a new or existing Lazada Wallet user.

New Lazada Wallet users get an additional RM10 by topping up a minimum of RM50 and saving the Lazada Citi Credit Card in the Lazada Wallet. Meanwhile, for existing Lazada Wallet users, the first 1,000 cardholders are entitled to an additional RM10 each month when topping up a minimum of RM100.

Offset Your Lazada Purchases

Once you have earned points with your Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card, you can also choose to maximise your online savings by using the points to offset your Lazada purchases. This feature effectively allows you to “redeem” anything you wish from the Lazada platform!

Once you have a minimum of 5,000 Rewards Points, you can easily redeem them for use in Lazada using Citi’s “Pay With Points” via SMS channel. After you make a purchase on Lazada with your Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card, you will be sent an SMS with a link for you to make the redemption. All you need to do is tap on the link and select the number of points to use for your redemption, and it will be reflected in your next card statement upon confirmation. Lazada Citi cardholders can use this feature up to 5 times a week.

Another way you can use your Lazada Citi Credit Card to get even more savings is by taking advantage of Lazada’s Citi Mondays. You can get RM28 off your Lazada purchase every Monday with a minimum spend of RM200, which equals to a discount of 14%. And yes, you can make use of this discount every week just by collecting the voucher on the Lazada app!

Bonus: It’s Not Just For Online Spend

While it’s clear that the Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card is perfect for shopping on Lazada, you still get to reap benefits when using the card for other purposes too. The Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card offers 5x Rewards points when you spend at selected lifestyle, travel, and wellness partners. Besides that, you get 1x Rewards Points when you spend on all other retail spend, ensuring that you earn points for basically every type of expenditure using this credit card.

And if you spend more than RM1,500 within a statement month, you get an additional 1,000 Rewards Points awarded to you!

Make sure to also check out the exclusive year-long discounts and offers extended to Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Cardholders – such as monthly discounts at Domino’s, 8% off tours and sightseeing with Klook, and curated offers and benefits offered by Mastercard.

Get Your Lazada Citi Credit Card Ready For The Year-End Sales

So, gear up for the year-end sales by making sure you have the perfect credit card at the ready. The Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card is available to those with a minimum income requirement of RM24,000 per annum or RM2,000 per month, so even fresh graduates can apply for it. Furthermore, the annual fee is waived for the first three years.

Don’t miss out on multiplying your savings during the upcoming 11.11 and 12.12 shopping events. Apply for the Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card here today.

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