Maxis TV Offers New Streaming Bundle Passes Featuring Up To 5 Providers
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The all-new Maxis TV service now lets customers subscribe to bundles containing multiple video streaming providers and free unlimited data at a fixed price. Described as the telco’s first-of-its-kind video entertainment service, it delivers a “seamless new experience where users can easily discover, purchase, and watch premium video content all in one platform.”

According to Maxis, its revamped Maxis TV service is made unique by its affordable and flexible OTT bundle passes, which users can personalise by opting to stream content from two or more streaming content providers. For context, the previous version of the Maxis TV service allows the subscription of individual content providers with free data at a minimal fee of RM3 per day.

Presently, the service has partnered with five content providers for these new Maxis TV bundles, namely dimsum, iQiyi, Mubi, Viu, and WeTV iflix. Here are all the passes that are currently provided via Maxis TV:

Time-Based Passes

You can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly passes – each providing you with access to one of the five streaming services available and a set amount of free data for streaming.

  • Daily pass: RM3 with 3GB free data
  • Weekly pass: RM5 with 5GB free data
  • Monthly pass: RM9.99 with 10GB free data
2-OTT Bundle Pass

Priced at RM18 per month, this pass lets you choose from five fixed OTT combo bundles, which comes along with free unlimited data for streaming. The combo bundles that you can tap into include:

  • Viu + iQiyi
  • iQiyi + WeTV iflix
  • Viu + WeTV iflix
  • iQiyi + dimsum
  • Viu + Mubi
Unlimited Bundle Pass

The Unlimited Pass is priced at RM42, giving you access to all five streaming content providers. It also comes with free unlimited data for streaming.

Aside from all the above passes, the official website for Maxis TV also indicated that there is a Single Pass – a one-time daily OTT pass that lets you add on more streaming services at the price of RM2 per provider. However, this pass has not been made available to the public as of yet.

Maxis further said that the purchasing process for these passes has been simplified as the cost will be charged straight to the customer’s Maxis bill or Hotlink credit. This means you won’t have to go through the hassle of making a separate payment for your Maxis TV subscription. Once you’re subscribed, go ahead and access Maxis TV to browse through your options via the Maxis, Hotlink, and Hotlink Postpaid apps.

However, the Maxis TV service is also open to non-Maxis customers, with the subscription cost being charged to your debit or credit card. However, do note that non-Maxis customers will not be able to enjoy the free data offered via the bundles as those are only provided for Maxis and Hotlink users.

(Image: The Malaysian Reserve/Ismail Che Rus)

According to the head of Hotlink Consumer (Maxis), Navin Manian, Maxis TV was conceived to offer an unmatched personalised experience for consumers in an era of converged connectivity.

“Video on-demand consumption among other digital services is surging in popularity, with Malaysians spending an average of 4.8 hours a day on the Internet in these extraordinary times. Our all-new Maxis TV is an evolution from our existing platform, where consumers can now totally immerse themselves through an end-to-end experience, from their connectivity to content needs with unlimited data for worry-free streaming,” said Manian in a statement.

Maxis also noted that there will be more content providers joining them soon. For now, interested customers can tap into an introductory offer consisting of a 30-day free trial. This offer is also applicable for non-Maxis users. You can find out more about Maxis TV on the telco’s website.

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