Maxis Upgrades Postpaid Plans, Offers Up To 40GB Extra Data For Free

(Image: Nikkei Asian Review)
(Image: Nikkei Asian Review)

Maxis has announced that it is boosting its existing postpaid plans with up to 40GB data at no extra cost, and removing the weekend/weekday data split as well as data sharing for relevant plans. The upgrading process is slated to take place between 4 to 10 June 2020.

Virtually all of Maxis’ existing postpaid plans will enjoy this round of data upgrades. One highlight will be the Maxis Postpaid 98 plan, where subscribers will enjoy 50% more data after the upgrade. Plus, Maxis is also doing way with the all-day and weekend split quotas.

Other plans in the upgrade include Maxis Postpaid 108 and 128 – both of which will enjoy an increase of 20GB data – as well as Maxis Postpaid 158 and 188 with an extra 30GB and 40GB, respectively. The Maxis Postpaid 68 plan that is exclusive only to Sabah and Sarawak and the Tablet 28 Plan, too, will see an extra 15GB and 20GB data each.

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Meanwhile, the Maxis Postpaid Share 48, which is a sharing plan for supplementary lines, will also be revised to offer a higher data quota to its lines. At present, each supplementary line under this plan gets 10GB of data that contributes to a data pool that is shareable with family members and across devices, plus 10GB personal data that cannot be shared. After 4 June, you’ll get to enjoy 30GB of all-day data instead.

According to Maxis, existing customers will be notified via SMS once the upgrade is done. New customers can also get to enjoy these enhanced plans from 4 June onwards.

Note that you will not be able to change the share limit for share lines or switch rate plans during the upgrade period. The upgraded data will also not be prorated, which means that you’ll receive the full quota after the process has been completed.

(Source: Maxis)

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