Best New Credit Card Sign-Up Offers

Bankers are people that help you with problems you would not have had without them.Is that a bad joke or that the painful truth about Banking? Doesn’t it feel like there are always strings attached? Well not anymore.

Bankers are people that help you with problems you would not have had without them.

Is that a bad joke or that the painful truth? Banks are more than happy to hand out money to borrowers like you and I, but doesn’t it feel like there are always strings attached?

Well not anymore.

The RinggitPlus team have been checking out the special sign-up offers for new customers ( who don’t already have a credit card from that bank) and we cannot believe how much is being given away!

We know that banks have been offering free gifts, such as new suitcases, for years - but now they are offering cash and rebates up to RM400 just for getting a new credit card!

Upfront Credit Card Cash Back Rewards

BankCash BackNoteApply

Standard Chartered

  • RM55-RM300
  • RM100 Mothercare Voucher
  • Cash back automatically credited to new account
  • RM55 for agent or branch signup, RM250-RM300 for online
  • Additional RM30 for supplementary card
  • Mothercare voucher only available to Mothercare members
  • Expires 31 Jan 2013
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Bank Islam
  • RM150
  • Must use card within 1 month of approval
  • No stated expiry date
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Public Bank
  • RM150
  • Must charge RM1,000 or above of new retail spending within the 2-months from the card approval date
  • Expires 31 March 2013
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For straight-forward sign-up offers the Standard Chartered RM300 of cash back and RM100 Mothercare voucher really stands out. Not only is Standard Chartered the most generous bank but they are also the only one that automatically puts the cash back on the new credit card. There is no need to use the card a certain number of times before you get your hands on the money.

They’ll Pay Your Credit Card Service Tax Too

One thing to note on sign-up cash back offers is that almost all the banks are currently offering RM50 cash back for new principal credit card holders and RM25 for new supplementary credit card holders. We have not included these offers in our table because the cash back is just enough to pay off your annual government service tax bills on your credit cards. We wanted to highlight those banks who have gone the extra mile to offer great credit card cash back to their new customers.

Best Credit Card Sign Up Offer

The RinggitPlus team thinks the best offer here is the Standard Chartered Online signup and Mothercare voucher. It gives you the most credit card cash back, there’s no minimum use clause, and you can signup online (If we haven’t mentioned it before we’re big fans of online banking).

The RinggitPlus Team’s Advice

If you’re shopping around for a new credit card that gives you immediate cash back on signup you should really check out these three offers, they’re the best on the market.


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