How To Get Your Credit Report For Free

by The RinggitPlus Team


If you’ve ever been rejected for a credit card or loan application and wondered why, a credit report is one of the best ways to show you. A credit report contains information about your credit history, and provides a denomination of your creditworthiness – commonly known as a "credit score".

Usually, banks will refer to several credit reports provided by licensed credit reporting agencies in order to determine if you are capable of repaying the money that banks lend you (either as a loan or via credit cards). One such credit reporting agency is RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI). RAMCI offers a range of credit information at your disposal, with one of them being a personal credit report service.

A credit report would contain plenty of useful information not just for the financial institutions, but also for the individual. This one report gives you an overview of your financial health, displaying any outstanding credit card balance, loans (personal, home, hire purchase, etc), and even any shareholding or directorship at a company.

RAMCI’s personal credit report will also display any legal, winding-up, or bankruptcy proceedings conducted against you. One unique feature on RAMCI’s credit report is it reveals any enquiries that have been made on you by institutions. If a bank requested for a credit report from RAMCI on you, you can see it here.

The information contained in a credit report is extremely useful for individuals to improve their credit score and increase the chances of securing an approval for a credit card or loan application in the future.

How to get your credit report?

Usually, credit reports provided by licensed credit reporting agencies are not free, with pricing tiers based on a subscription basis, or in how detailed the reports are. For RAMCI, individuals can choose between Personal Credit Report Basic (RM10.60 per report) and Personal Credit Report Plus with free i-Score (RM15.90 per report).

But, thanks to our partnership with RAMCI, all RinggitPlus readers will be able to get a copy of their Personal Credit Report Plus for free! All you need to do is register on the special landing page on RAMCI’s website here. You’ll need to provide some basic information when prompted on the site, and your Personal Credit Report Plus with free i-Score will be emailed to you.