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Personal Finance News
GST In Malaysia – Are you Ready?
- 23rd October 2014
There has been much talk about the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia. How will it affect the overall economy but more importantly; how will it affect teh tarik prices? Let us break it down for you.
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Budgeting & Saving
The Biggest List of Money Saving Tips on the Web
- 21st October 2014
The internet is filled with money saving tips for many different areas in your life but why trawl hundreds of webpages to find them? We've compiled some of the best money saving tips (some of these may be familiar) in one place!
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Personal Finance News
Should You Upgrade to the Apple iPhone 6?
- 16th October 2014
Apple's latest iPhone 6 is a great hit in other countries, but should you really save up your hard earned money to purchase one for yourself? Here's the lowdown on whether you should upgrade to the Apple iPhone 6 - or not!
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Balance Transfer
Should you Apply for a Balance Transfer Programme to Cut your Credit Card Debt?
- 3rd October 2014
Are you up to your eyeballs in credit card debt? A balance transfer could help you escape from crushing compounding interest, but is it the best solution? Read our tips for choosing Balance Transfer credit cards.
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Online Shopping
Tips and Tricks for Shopping Online
- 30th September 2014
Online Shopping is here to stay and can only get oh-so-much better with time. Check out our tips and tricks to scoring super deals and keeping your financial details safe when shopping online.
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Alert! Your Online Banking Account Could be Compromised!
- 29th September 2014
Beware of Zeus’s lightning bolts, because they are attacking your smartphones! A new virus named after the Greek God is targetting online banking users accessing their account via their smartphones.
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Best Fixed Deposit Accounts In Malaysia – November 2021
The RinggitPlus Team
- 2nd November 2021
We provide monthly updates on the best fixed deposit rates in Malaysia with tables showing the top 5 rates for the duration of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
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Petrol Price Malaysia Live Updates (RON95, RON97 & Diesel)
The RinggitPlus Team
- 24th November 2021
We provide weekly updates on every Friday at 5pm on the prices of RON95, RON97 and Diesel in Malaysia and a chart that shows the movement of fuel prices across a 6-week period. Bookmark this page now!
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Malaysia Personal Income Tax Guide 2021 (YA 2020)
Jacie Tan
- 25th March 2021
That time of the year has come around again – so let’s see how ready you are to […]
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Everything You Should Claim For Income Tax Relief Malaysia 2021 (YA 2020)
Jacie Tan
- 12th March 2021
When filing our taxes each year, we all usually have a common objective in mind – getting a […]