Affin Removes Affin Duo Cashback Benefits For Three E-Wallets

Affin Bank is removing the Affin Duo’s cashback benefits for three e-wallets: MPay, Sarawak Pay, and Whalet. The change will take place effective 15 November 2020. Therefore, Affin Visa Cash Back Cardholders will no longer be able to receive cashback for transactions on these three e-wallets from 15 November.

The Affin Visa Cash Back Card is one half of the dual-card Affin Duo, and offers 3% cashback on online, e-wallet, and auto-billing transactions. The Affin Visa offered cashback on 20 e-wallets when it first launched, before adding Setel early this month to make a total of 21 eligible e-wallets.

With the latest revision to the card’s benefits, the Affin Visa Cash Back Card will now offer cashback on a total of 18 e-wallets as listed below:

  • BigPay
  • Boost
  • FassPay
  • Gkash eWallet
  • GrabPay
  • Instapay eWallet
  • Instapay Card
  • KiplePay/KiplePark
  • Lazada Wallet
  • Mcash
  • Presto Pay
  • Razer Gold/Pay
  • Setel
  • ShopeePay
  • TaPay
  • Touch ’n Go Prepaid Card
  • Touch ’n Go eWallet
  • WeChat Pay

Affin Bank did not offer an explanation on why MPay, Sarawak Pay, and Whalet are being removed from the list just two months after the Affin Duo cards were launched. However, even with the revision, the Affin Visa Cash Back Card can still be considered highly generous with the number of e-wallets it has approved for cashback.

In fact, in our in-depth review here, we explain why we think the Affin Duo – or specifically, the Affin Visa Cash Back Card – is the best new cashback card in the market. Alternatively, find out more about the Affin Visa Cash Back Card and the Affin Mastercard Rewards Card here.

(Source: Affin Bank)

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