HLB Removes Balance Transfer Feature For Hong Leong Gold Credit Card
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Effective 1 September 2021, Hong Leong Bank (HLB) will remove the lifetime balance transfer feature (at 6.99% p.a.) for the Hong Leong Gold Credit Card. Cardholders who are looking for balance transfer plans will be able to make use of the main balance transfer programme that is available to all HLB cardholders.

The special balance transfer feature had allowed Hong Leong Gold Credit Cardholders to apply for balance transfer plans at a rate of 6.99%p.a.. “This feature is being removed as the existing Balance Transfer (BT) programme that is applicable for all cardholders is more competitive,” the bank stated in its FAQ page. The main balance transfer programme allows you to opt for a one-time fee plan or monthly interest plans, with competitive rates for Connect online banking users.

However, the change will not apply to those who are currently enrolled on the HLB Gold Credit Card lifetime balance transfer programme. If you are already enrolled on the programme, the lifetime balance transfer rates at 6.99%p.a. will continue to apply.

The other product features of the Hong Leong Gold Credit Card remain unchanged. If you have any enquiries, you can contact HLB via email at [email protected] or phone in at +603 7626 8899.

(Source: Hong Leong Bank)

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