New RHB Shell Visa Credit Card Offers Up To 12% Cashback On Shell Petrol, E-Wallets, Utilities, & More
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RHB has launched a new tiered cashback credit card called the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card. It offers up to 5% cashback on everyday essentials such as groceries, online, e-wallet, and utilities spend, and up to 12% cashback on petrol expenditure at Shell.

For a credit card that is co-branded with a fuel company, it is a pleasant surprise to see that the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card offers decent cashback rates on as many as four non-petrol spending categories. Shell fuel expenditure does get higher cashback rates and gets a dedicated monthly cashback cap – half of the card’s monthly RM100 cashback cap is dedicated to petrol spend, while the other RM50 is reserved for three other useful categories. You can see this more clearly in the table below:

Total Monthly Spend Shell Petrol Groceries, Online, E-Wallet, Utilities Other Retail Spend
RM800 – RM1,499.99 5% 1% 0.2%
RM1,500 – RM2,499.99 8% 2% 0.2%
RM2,500 and above 12% 5% 0.2%
Monthly Cap: RM50 RM50 Unlimited

At RM100 in cashback per month, the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card has a very generous cashback cap – even if RM50 of that cashback comes from petrol expenditure alone. At the highest spending tier, you can get the full cashback earning if you spend about RM417 in petrol a month and RM1,000 on the other cashback categories. Of course, you’ll still need to spend more to meet the RM2,500 spending requirement. Nevertheless, the numbers still adds up to an impressive 4% effective cashback rate if you plan your spending to maximise the benefits completely.

For the lower tiers, the petrol cashback rates are still quite rewarding given that you can use your expenditure on groceries, online, e-wallets, and utilities spend to help you hit the minimum spend amounts. Moreover, a closer look at the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card’s terms and conditions shows that the expenditure that qualifies for these other categories of cashback is reasonably wide.

For example, the “Groceries” category is stated to include not only grocery stores and supermarkets, but also freezer, locker meat provisioners, candy, nut and confectionary stores, dairy products stores, bakeries, and food and convenience stores. Meanwhile, GrabPay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost, BigPay, Lazada, WeChat Pay, and ShopeePay are all included under e-wallet expenditure, with a note that RHB will include any relevant e-wallet merchants that may be coming in the future.

The RHB Shell Visa Credit Card has a minimum income requirement of RM24,000 per annum or RM2,000 a month, making it an attractive entry-level card. Its annual fee of RM195 for principal cardholders is waived for the first year and upon a minimum of 24 swipes per year for subsequent spend, with a full annual fee waiver for supplementary cards.

At first look, this card looks like a great start to the new year for cashback credit cards – it certainly looks promising. We’ll take a deeper look at this card to determine just how good it is, so keep a look out for our review on the RHB Shell Visa Credit Card here at RinggitPlus!

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2 years ago

Does this mean that e wallet reload is also applicable for cashback? All other credit cards have taken this benefit away including the maybank Amex card.

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