How Your Friends Can Help You Get Credit Card Reward Points
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It’s always way better to use a credit card that offers rewards than to swipe with just a regular credit card. But maximising the number of reward points you can get from your card can be a hard to do sometimes. Especially if you’re not the sort of person who shops a lot. If you’re one of those people, then you should know that there are ways to get way more points that you ever can on your own with a little help from your friends.

How Your Friends Can Help You Get Credit Card Reward Points

Pay For Group Meals

Planning a lunch or dinner outing with your buddies? What you can do is make sure everyone agrees to a venue that participates in your card rewards scheme. Then, what you do is pay the whole bill with your card and ask your friends to split the charges once the receipt comes. It’s a great and easy way to quadruple how much you “spend” at the place while not actually affecting your expenses. Of course, for this move to be 100% successful, be sure to only do this with friends who won’t conveniently “forget” their wallet.

Help Your Friends Buy Things Online

Online deals and credit card deals sometimes go hand in hand but as hardcore as you might be with online shopping, you probably won’t be doing it all the time. A good way to still rake in the points without filling up your house with packaging and bubble wrap is by being the go-to online shopper for your friends. Be the first one to share hot deals and promotions to your pals and offer to buy these items for them (with their money, of course). Put that purchase on your card and offer to pick the item up and send it to your buddies. Don’t underestimate the number of your friends who hate going to the trouble of signing up, logging in, and collecting parcels, but would still love to buy some online-exclusive merchandise for cheap.

Be Somebody’s Mall Buddy

As we’ve covered before, everyone has their own style of spending. Some of your friends might be the kind who can only comfortably go shopping with somebody else in tow. Or maybe you have friends who need your advice on what kind of item to buy. You can offer yourself up to be a shopping buddy and help this friend navigate the mall and keep them company. While you’re doing this, you can also help swipe for their purchases with your card and rack up on rewards. Be sure that your friend still pays for everything themselves, of course.

Organise Group Holidays

Travelling with a group of good friends is one of life’s greatest joys. And it’s also one of life’s greatest opportunities for you to earn some major reward points. Offer to plan and organise the trip, and pay for everything with your card first. As usual, have everybody pony up their share afterwards. Don’t forget to check for reward cards that offer extra points for purchases overseas, too.

Some Notes on Effectiveness and Etiquette

By now we’re sure you’ve figured out the major principles at work here. All you need to remember is to offer your card for a swipe and make sure your friends pay their share. However, it’s also important to let them know that you’re doing this, so they don’t feel cheated out of their own points. Earning bonuses from friends is good, but staying friends and being upfront about things is better.

You should also always remember to check whether or not the card you’re swiping with will earn you points. Take note of cashback caps, points usability periods, and other limitations so you get the best out of your swipings.

If you’re keen to try out our tips but don’t yet have the right reward cards, you can head over to our comparison page and find the right card that fits your needs. Know any other tips we missed out on? Do share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section down below!


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