Boost, TNG, Or GrabPay: What RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat Incentives Are They Offering?
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Now that the government’s e-Tunai Rakyat initiative is finally here, eligible Malaysians can finally start claiming their RM30 incentive from their e-wallet partner of choice. But between Boost, Touch ‘n Go eWallet (TNG), and GrabPay – which e-wallet should you be claiming your incentive from?

To encourage prospective e-Tunai recipients to choose their e-wallet for the incentive, Boost, TNG, and GrabPay are each offering additional perks that you will get when you claim the e-Tunai incentive with them. So, in addition to the RM30 credit from the government, you get add-on incentives from the e-wallet providers themselves. Yay!


When you claim your e-Tunai incentive with Boost, you will be entitled to receive one Shake Reward of up to RM8,888. As with all of Boost’s signature Shake Rewards, the benefit you can get from the Shake Reward is randomised – so while you could be getting that RM8,888, you could also be getting less.

In addition to the Shake Rewards, you will also get a variety of vouchers and discounted bundle deals – the vouchers offered include RM15 Fave vouchers, 23% off Zalora, and RM10 off Watsons.

Boost is also the only e-wallet to offer referral rewards for e-Tunai Rakyat. You can earn RM3 for every successful e-Tunai Rakyat claim with Boost made through your referral code – with an extra RM3 for every fifth successful referral. There are no caps and limits on how much you can earn through these referrals.


*UPDATE 24/1/2020: The rewards for the first 110,000 sign-ups have been fully claimed. Grab has added an additional tier for its e-Tunai Rakyat incentives: 200,000 claimers will get Grab vouchers worth RM60 as well as five other cash vouchers (worth RM20 excluding Hotlink). Once the rewards on this additional tier have been fully claimed, the rest of Grab’s successful e-Tunai Rakyat applicants will receive vouchers worth up to RM30.

GrabPay is offering GrabPay Exclusive RM5 vouchers to its e-Tunai claimants. The first 10,000 successful applicants get vouchers worth up to RM270 whereas applicant No. 10,001 to 110,000 get RM120 worth of vouchers. All other applicants will get vouchers up to RM30. Clearly, Grab is trying to encourage eligible applicants to make their e-Tunai claims as quickly as possible to get a higher value in vouchers.

Most of the vouchers have a minimum spend requirement – you will get RM5 off with a minimum spend of RM20. The GrabFood vouchers offer RM5 off a minimum spend of RM25, but the GrabCar vouchers have no minimum spend.

Touch ’n Go eWallet

UPDATE 19/1/2020: Touch ‘n Go posted an update on Facebook saying that its extra RM30 cashback incentives for e-Tunai Rakyat have been fully given out.

TNG is offering the most straightforward perk of the lot – an additional RM30 in e-wallet credit. So, those who choose to make their e-Tunai claim with TNG will be getting a total of RM60 in their TNG eWallet. While the vouchers offered by Boost and GrabPay could be worth more in total, it’s a better option who would rather see cash in their e-wallet rather than discount vouchers.

UPDATE: it appears a lot of people have missed a key part of the additional RM30 bonus cashback – including ourselves. Buried on a completely separate page in the app’s Help Centre under “Promotions & Rewards”, it is finally revealed that the RM30 TNG eWallet Exclusive Bonus will be credited in six batches of RM5 only when you perform certain Services or Features with a minimum spend of RM20, as per the images below.

This definitely caught us by surprise when compiling this list, as it is not mentioned anywhere in the e-Tunai Rakyat page, including the FAQ. While spending RM20 isn’t super difficult on TNG eWallet thanks to support for Lazada and bill payments, it’s quite disappointing to see the terms hidden in a separate part of the app. (h/t: @firstbasement)

Besides the additional RM30 credit, successful e-Tunai Rakyat applicants also get 2x entries for TNG’s ongoing lucky draw – The Big RM2,000,000 Weekly Draw. Participants stand a chance to win a brand-new Proton X70, Huawei P30 Pro, and more.

Which E-Wallet Should You Choose For e-Tunai?

e-wallet malaysia

All three of the e-wallets are bound by the same eligibility criteria under the e-Tunai programme; you have to be Malaysian, aged 18 years and above as of 31 December 2020, and earned less than RM100,000 in the year 2018. The claiming process for each e-wallet is also similar.

So, whether you want to play it safe with Touch ’n Go, or get a variety of discount vouchers with Boost and GrabPay, the choice is ultimately in your hands. You have from today until 14 March 2020 to claim and use your RM30 incentive, so start making your e-Tunai claims now!

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