Grab Increases Spend Limit For GrabPay Premium Wallet

Grab has introduced higher spend limits for its GrabPay Premium wallet, now allowing you to spend up to RM1,500 a day. At the same time, it has also implemented new monthly limits for both Basic and Premium GrabPay wallets.

The daily limit for the GrabPay Premium wallet has now been increased from RM1,000 to RM1,500, while the new monthly limit is set at RM10,000. For the Basic version of GrabPay, the daily limit remains the same at RM500, but there is a new monthly limit of RM4,999.99.

According to Grab, the monthly spend limits include funds sent through the e-wallet’s P2P function. Previously, GrabPay did not implement any monthly spending limits – instead, annual spending was capped at RM50,000. Considering that you can now spend up to RM120,000 a year, GrabPay Premium wallet users now have more than double the annual spend allowance compared to before.

As highlighted by Grab, the bigger wallet offers users more leeway to purchase bigger ticket items. You can find out more about the new GrabPay spending limits here.

(Source: Grab)

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