Malaysians Will Soon Be Able To Use Boost E-Wallet In Singapore And Thailand

By the second quarter of this year, Malaysians will be able to use Boost in Singapore and Thailand.


Malaysians Will Soon Be Able To Use Boost E-Wallet In Singapore And Thailand

Axiata Digital Services Sdn Bhd has announced that Malaysians will be able to use the Boost e-wallet in Singapore and Thailand by the second quarter of this year. The company is hoping to integrate the e-wallet into the Singapore and Thailand markets, and is currently waiting for Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) approval to launch the cross-border electronic payment system.


To expand the e-wallet into Singapore and Thailand, Boost is working with Singtel. The Singaporean company may be better known as a telco, but it also operates a mobile payment alliance called VIA in multiple countries (including Singapore and Thailand). The alliance allows for users of certain e-wallets in Singapore and Thailand to seamlessly use their local wallets when visiting the other country. By joining this alliance, Boost will be the first Malaysian e-wallet in the VIA alliance, allowing it to be used in Singapore and Thailand. This partnership could also mean foreign e-wallets like Singtel Dash, AIS Global Pay, and Rabbit LINE Pay can be used in Malaysia at merchants that accept Boost.

As one of the leading e-wallets in Malaysia with 3.8 million users and 70,000 merchant touchpoints available in the country, it makes sense to explore cross-border opportunities. With a growing number of Malaysians embracing e-wallets, this form of payment is now viewed as credible, safe and convenient for consumers. With the partnership, soon it will be possible for Malaysia’s Boost users to use the digital e-wallet at over 1.6 million merchant partners in Singapore and Thailand through the VIA alliance network.

(Source: Malay Mail, Fintech Malaysia)


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