Touch ‘n Go Launches Weekly Cashback Voucher Campaign, Offers Guaranteed Vouchers Worth Up To RM10

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Starting from today until 28 June 2020, Touch ‘n Go eWallet users can earn weekly cashback vouchers when they spend a minimum of RM10 in their first transaction of the week using the e-wallet. Each voucher awarded will be worth up to RM10.

The Weekly Cashback Voucher promotion will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with the eligibility count reset on every Monday at 12.00am. In other words, you can begin earning your weekly vouchers starting Sunday midnight/Monday early morning. However, each user is limited only to one cashback voucher each week throughout the promotion period. Touch ‘n Go has also capped the voucher rewards at 2 million transactions each month.

You can earn these vouchers through selected transactions, namely parking, prepaid and postpaid payments, specific bills, movies, flights, e-commerce purchases, and over-the-counter payments. Transactions such as bill payments for Telekom Malaysia (TM), money transfers, e-wallet reloads, and PayDirect payments will not be eligible for the campaign.

The vouchers that are awarded will be randomly selected from a variety of services offered in the app, such as parking, prepaid and postpaid payments, movies, e-commerce deals, and over-the-counter payments. Users may also receive merchant vouchers, including deals from Tealive, Salad Atelier, and more.

To access your cashback vouchers, just tap on the “My Rewards” tile on the home screen of your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. If your transactions are eligible for the campaign, you will receive your vouchers immediately once the payment is successfully completed. You can use the vouchers for your next purchases.

Note, too, that these vouchers are only valid during the promotion period. Any unused vouchers will expire after 28 June 2020. The cashback vouchers may also have their own terms and conditions for use, such as minimum spend required and others, so you should check for those.

For more information about the Touch ‘n Go’s Weekly Cashback Voucher campaign, head on over to its website.

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11 months ago

the TNG FAQ etc is not helpful as it does not clearly explain how these vouchers can been redeemed and use because the app does not proceed with any buttons to activate the vouchers

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