4 Simple Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

The age old question: can money buy happiness? We’re not saying it can indefinitely but we found 4 simple ways it can certainly aid in the quest for momentary contentment.


We’ve been told time and again that money CAN’T buy happiness. Lots have been done to find out whether this assertion is true and results bordered on it being the contrary.

Perhaps Frank McKinney Hubbard was on to something when he said, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it helps you to look for it in many more places.”

Wealth alone does not warrant happiness but what matters is how people use their money. Exactly how might the good old ringgit contribute to the existence of your happiness?

We found four simple ways you can use the money you have to be more content.

4 Simple Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Buy Experiences and Moments

Most people tend to think that buying material things makes you happier because it is tangible, rather than experience which seems to have a more fleeting quality.

Though not entirely untrue, we can easily adapt to the existence of material purchases in our lives making it’s happiness factor quickly reduce.

Buying physical possessions may make you happy initially, it quickly loses its fizzle as you get used to the item. Meanwhile, experiences tend to make us happier for longer as their value lingers over time.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy material things. Just also take some time to spend your ringgit on moments with family and friends or simply gaining new experiences on your own.

The memories you gain will certainly be priceless.

Buy Some Time for Yourself

How does one buy time? Not to be taken literally, this refers to the ability to dictate what you do with your time using your money.

Outsourcing tasks you dislike is one way to buy time. Hiring a personal assistant is perhaps a stretch but there are freelancers and online virtual assistants offering their services at affordable rates for all those niggling little tasks you rather not do.

This allows you to have more free time on your hands to spend it towards what makes you happy such as hobbies and spending time with family and friends.

Time off for yourself is also important to make you happy. So earn more of it by cutting commute time; working only within your working hours and forgo the overtime.

Spend some me-time with yourself for that much needed bliss. You’ll find it well worth the cost!

Give to Those in Need

Using your money for someone else can do wonders to your happiness level. You do not necessarily need to give cold hard cash to people.

Simple gestures like paying the toll fee for the car behind you (and at the new toll rates, the person will really grateful); donating to a charity organisation; or treating a friend to lunch will be enough to have you reaping the benefits.

It is not about the amount you give but rather the impact of your donation. If you can see your money making a difference in other people’s lives, it will make you happy even if the amount you was a trifle.

Paying Your Dues

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get once you’ve paid all your bills and have successfully kept the creditors at bay.

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness is the inability to make ends meet; to be hounded by those we owe money and feel like there is no end to our indebtedness.

Having the means to pay your dues will obviously help you feel free enough to enjoy the time and money you do have remaining with no feelings of guilt or censure.

Are you particularly strapped for cash at the moment? Get a momentary salve by applying for a personal loan. Our handy personal loan calculator will help you decide on the best loan for your needs and give you an idea of how much you will be paying monthly. You can even win a new car (that should make you happy!).

There is more to life than money and there is certainly more than one way to be happy. While money may not be able to directly buy happiness but it’s certainly an important part of the equation.


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