CTOS Offers Free MyCTOS Score Credit Reports Until 31 May 2020
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(Article updated on 28 April 2020 as CTOS has once again extended the offer, until 31 May 2020.)

CTOS is offering up to 100,000 free MyCTOS Score credit reports, available until 31 May 2020. As part of the CTOS Cares CSR campaign, it is intended to help Malaysians get a better grasp of their financial health amidst the country’s current economic state that has been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MyCTOS Score credit report is a third-party evaluation of your credit history and capability to repay your financial obligations. Banks and lending companies use it as a source of reference to determine if they should approve your applications for loans and other credit facilities.

The report, which usually costs RM25 each, will contain information about your creditworthiness, such as your:

  • CTOS Score
  • CCRIS and dishonoured cheque records from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
  • Directorship and business interest
  • Litigation and bankruptcy
  • Trade referee listings

ctos cares 31 may

To redeem your free credit report from CTOS, you will first need to have a CTOS ID account. If you have yet to set one up, you can sign up for it at no cost. Once you have registered, you can go on to request for a credit report and enter the promo code (FREEMCO20) at the payment page to get yours for free.

Note also that you are only entitled to one free MyCTOS Score report per person, and can only redeem it through the CTOS website. It is unavailable on the mobile app. Additionally, if you’ve previously redeemed a free report – whether through CTOS or its partners – you’re not eligible for this CTOS Cares CSR campaign deal.

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