Public Bus Terminals To Go Cashless, Accept E-Wallet Payments

Anthony Loke CNY TBS
(Image: Bernama)
Anthony Loke CNY TBS
(Image: Bernama)

The Ministry of Transport wants all public bus terminals in Malaysia to go cashless. The initiative will be done by implementing a cashless ticket purchasing system using e-wallets.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that the move will be carried out in stages as there are still bus terminals which have not yet implemented the centralised ticketing system (CTS).

“If possible, we want all terminals to go cashless,” said Loke. “But we also need to look at the facilities available and condition at the terminal, so those without CTS facility will take more time.”

(Image: The Malay Mail)

According to Loke, bus companies – especially stage bus operators who are subsidy recipients from the government – are required to implement a cashless ticket purchase system. Meanwhile, express companies should be able to go cashless with ease as major bus terminals have already adopted the system.

Loke was speaking at a press conference at the Southern Integrated Terminal (TBS). He was there to monitor the balik kampung proceedings for Chinese New Year. TBS also began accepting e-wallet payments for ticket purchases on the day of Loke’s visit; the Transport Minister approved of the move, saying that it was in line with his ministry’s focus on the digitalisation of transport services.

(Source: The Edge Markets)

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