Affin Bank Revises Terms For Weekend Cashback Benefit Of Affin BHPetrol Mastercard
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Affin Bank is revising the terms of its Affin BHPetrol Mastercard credit card to introduce a previous balance requirement of RM3,000 for its weekend cashback benefit. Effective 15 October 2021, this requirement will determine whether you get 5% or 10% cashback for your purchases at BHPetrol stations during weekends.

Currently, Affin BHPetrol Mastercard cardholders enjoy cashback benefits of 2% on weekdays and 10% on weekends when they spend at BHPetrol stations, capped at a maximum of RM50 per month. Other retail transactions earn 1x AFFIN Rewards Points.

Starting from 15 October 2021, however, the card will be revised to include a balance requirement to unlock the cashback – similar to the ones Affin introduced for the Affin Duo and Affin Visa Signature recently. Essentially, only cardholders with a previous balance of RM3,000 and above will be entitled to earn the full 10% cashback, while those with a previous balance of less than RM3,000 will only get 5% cashback.

Meanwhile, the 2% weekday cashback and RM50 monthly limit both remain unchanged. The 1x AFFIN Rewards Points benefit is also retained for other retail transactions made using this card.

Here’s a table to summarise the revision to the Affin BHPetrol Mastercard:

 Before 15 October 2021From 15 October 2021
Cashback benefits (BHPetrol spend)– 2% weekday cashback
– 10% weekend cashback
– 2% weekday cashback
– Weekend cashback: 5% (previous balance account less than RM3,000) or 10% (previous balance account RM3,000 and above)
AFFIN Rewards Points benefit (other retail transactions)– 1x AFFIN Rewards Points– 1x AFFIN Rewards Points

In its FAQ, Affin Bank clarified that the previous balance of the Affin BHPetrol Mastercard does not refer only to the expenses made at BHPetrol stations. Rather, it consists of all carried forward balance that appears in the current month credit card statement (including all other retail transactions).

With this upcoming amendment, Affin BHPetrol Mastercard cardholders will find it less convenient to earn cashback as compared to before, when there were no requirements to meet except to ensure that they spend during weekends.

(Source: Affin Bank)

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