GrabPay DuitNow QR Supports Seamless Digital Payments For Both Consumers And Businesses
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It’s a timely launch by Grab, as many Malaysians have adopted contactless payments during the pandemic in an effort to stay safe while still being able to shop for daily essentials. In fact, according to a report by Bank Negara Malaysia, the volume of e-wallet payments has increased by 131% since 2019.

GrabPay has recently rolled out its “GrabPay DuitNow QR” across the country, providing consumers with a safe, easy payment method for in-store purchases, while giving merchants access to the millions of consumers who have adopted the digital-first lifestyle. 

Thus, the introduction of GrabPay DuitNow QR will make it even easier for consumers to shop safely, reducing physical contact, and saving shoppers’ time. 

Yeap Lay Sun, a GrabPay DuitNow QR customer, explained, “I started regularly using e-wallets to pay for my things due to safety reasons in the midst of the pandemic. Now with more e-wallets accepting DuitNow QR, it is now my preferred method to pay, especially with GrabPay Preferred Merchants as I could go in and out of the store quickly and with little to no physical contact.”

On the other hand, the number of merchants accepting QR code payments has also increased as much as 165% since 2019, according to the same report by Bank Negara Malaysia. This indicates that businesses are prepared for cashless payments and with this seamless unified payment option, merchants will see efficiencies in their day-to-day operations thanks to the reduction in managing physical cash, sales reconciliation, and paperwork. 

One such business that has embraced cashless payments is Lim Fried Chicken. Jordan Lim, from Lim Fried Chicken, said, “We decided to join GrabPay DuitNow QR because we noticed many of our consumers were asking if our store accepted digital payments.”

He added that since including it as a payment option, more of his customers preferred to use GrabPay for their payments as they also enjoy earning GrabReward points on their purchases.

According to Priyanka Madan, Head of GrabPay, Grab Malaysia, Grab is pleased to be a participant of the DuitNow Real-time Retail Payments Platforms (RRP) ecosystem to enable retailers throughout Malaysia to serve Grab users, while consumers themselves will find it even easier to purchase essential items.

“We see many opportunities at Grab to encourage businesses of all sizes to digitalise and embrace digital payments. In the past year, we have welcomed a wide variety of merchants to the platform, from small businesses to large nationwide chains and many consumer goods brands,” said Priyanka Madan.

“The implementation of the DuitNow QR code is timely considering the recent economic shifts and the most critical needs of users and merchants. Both groups can easily, safely, and quickly transact with each other, and shoppers have every opportunity to be more economical with their spending,” she added.

It’s Simple To Use – With Just 3 Steps

The GrabPay DuitNow QR is simple to use. Simply launch the Grab app, open the QR scanner, and scan any DuitNow QR code to pay.

To identify merchants accepting payment via GrabPay DuitNow QR, just use the Grab’s Merchant Discovery feature. Don’t forget to also use GrabRewards and Save & Point features to earn points and save money on every transaction.

Shop With Peace Of Mind – Online And Offline

Besides allowing both users and businesses to transact swiftly and safely via contactless payments, Grab is also committed to ensuring its online and digital transactions are safe for all its users.

That is why in line with the growth of online and digital payments, Grab is advocating for safer, more convenient, and seamless digital payments. Some of the recent efforts introduced to protect its users and their GrabPay wallets include:

  • An in-app safety centre to educate and keep users updated on how Grab is protecting their wallets.
  • Partnerships with globally recognised security systems with award-winning fraud detection to ensure all GrabPay transactions are safe. 
  • Strong in-house fraud and security team with robust processes and customised algorithms to prevent and detect fraud. 
  • Periodic reminders to users to be mindful of scams and to not disclose TAC codes.

For more information about GrabPay DuitNow QR, click HERE.

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