Celcom Allows Users To Trade In Unused Internet Quota For Cashback With Boost

celcom mega postpaid plan
(Image: MalaysianWireless)
celcom mega postpaid plan
(Image: MalaysianWireless)

Celcom is collaborating with Boost in its newly launched MEGA postpaid plan to offer a unique proposition to its customers: the ability to trade in unused internet quota for cashback with Boost at the end of each billing cycle.

Given that both companies are owned by Axiata, it is an interesting collaboration between two different entities within an organisation. Available only for 2 months, this deal is offered exclusively to customers who subscribe to the Lightning Mobile Internet Speed package, which is part of the newly launched Celcom MEGA postpaid plan. For every 10GB unused internet quota traded in, you can receive a RM5 in return.

Celcom’s new MEGA postpaid plan is a plan that seems to prioritise flexibility for its users, allowing them to choose their plans based on their internet needs and preferences. There are two packages available, each targeting a different need.

celcom mega postpaid plan 2
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To tap into the MEGA postpaid plan, you will first start off with a base package that costs RM80 per month, giving you unlimited calls to all networks and 30GB data. Following that, you can choose to top up with either of the following packages, with an additional fee:

  • Unlimited Mobile Internet Quota (for those who need unlimited data)
  • Lightning Mobile Internet Speed (for those who prefer fast internet speed)

Unlimited Mobile Internet Quota

This package further lets you choose from another two plans: Unlimited M (+RM18 per month) and Unlimited L (+RM68 per month).

The Unlimited M plan gives you unlimited internet, HD video streaming, and 5GB monthly hotspot. However, your internet speed will be capped at 5Mbps.

The Unlimited L plan, on the other hand, offers unlimited internet, HD video streaming, and 10GB monthly hotspot, with internet speed limited to 15Mbps.

Lightning Mobile Internet Speed

You can choose from the Lightning M Pass (+RM18 per month), Lightning L Pass (+RM68 per month), or Lightning XL Pass (+RM108 per month). The three plans will give you an additional 10GB, 30GB, and 70GB of high-speed internet, respectively.

Subscription to the Lightning XL Pass also entitles you to free roaming in 12 countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

celcom mega postpaid plan 3


The Celcom MEGA postpaid plan does not lock you in for the packages for any period of time; you are allowed to change your package once every month if you feel that your current one is not suitable for you. You can also opt to go with just the basic MEGA plan, without any add-on packages.

(Source: Lowyat.NET)

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