Internet Service Provider Will Shut Down On 30 June 2020

tm webe nexlife

tm webe nexlife, a fibre broadband and mobile internet service provider belonging to Webe Digital, has announced that it will be discontinuing its services on 30 June 2020. Webe Digital is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia (TM), which also owns unifi.

All existing customers will be given the option to switch over to unifi with a special introductory offer. The offer allows you to subscribe to a 30Mbps unifi Home Fibre Broadband with a unifi Media Box at RM99 per month. To further sweeten the deal, you are also allowed to enjoy this deal for free for the first six months.

With regard to the Media Box, you’ll be allowed to opt for your preferred TV service from three service packs: Aneka+, Ruby+, and Varnam+. The Aneka+ pack contains mostly exclusive local and Korean programmes, whereas the Ruby+ pack is mainly targeted at those interested in shows from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and China. The Varnam+ pack, on the other hand, is primarily populated with Hindi and Tamil shows.

tm webe nexlife
(Image: SoyaCincau)

This introductory promotion is actually quite a catch, given how unifi’s 30Mbps unifi Home package with Media Box typically costs RM149 per month. Note that the deal will only be offered until 20 May 2020. further reminded its customers that if they do opt in for the offer, installations will be arranged after the movement control order (MCO) is lifted. That said, has not offered any replacement alternatives for its customers’ mobile internet line.

According to the announcement, the company will reach out to its customers soon to follow up on their decisions. Alternatively, you can also contact via Live Chat at its website or email them at [email protected]. was first launched in February 2019, offering an unlimited home and mobile internet plan at only RM100. Subscribers would be able to enjoy data speed of up to 20Mbps, and are bound by a 12-month contract.

(Source: SoyaCincau)

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