MAS Introduces 50% Off Neighbour-Free Seats For Its Economy Flex Fare

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has introduced neighbour-free seats as an exclusive product for its Economy Flex fares, offered at 50% off. The neighbour-free seat feature gives you the option to purchase the seat or seats next to you, offering extra safety in the time of Covid-19 given that airlines are currently permitted to operate at full capacity.

With MAS now implementing its enhanced Economy flexible fare options across its entire network (with the exception of flights from Malaysia to Japan and Japan to Malaysia, Jeddah, and Madinah), this means that you can opt for neighbour-free seats on almost all Malaysia Airlines flights as long as you purchase the Economy Flex fare. You will receive an email 72 hours before your flight departure allowing you to purchase the seat next to you at 50% off the original price.

Prior to this, the three flexible MAS fare options for economy – Economy Lite, Basic, and Flex – were only available for flight destinations in the ASEAN and South Asia regions; in fact, when these flexible fares were first launched in September 2019 they were only available on domestic flights. Similarly, the neighbour-free seats feature is not new as it was first introduced in October 2019, but only on selected routes.

To recap, these flexible fare options are meant to allow greater personalisation for MAS passengers with varying levels of preference on the benefits required on a flight. The Lite fare, which only offers the essentials like 7kg of cabin baggage, is targeted towards day-trippers and business commuters; the Basic fare, with Enrich Mile upgrade options, 20kg check-in baggage, and 1x rebooking fee waiver offers a more classic full-service experience.

Lastly, the Flex fare comes with the most perks including 15% child discount, allowed refund, unlimited free rebooking, flexibility for early boarding, and now with 10% off your next Economy Flex purchase and 50% off the neighbour-free seat feature as well.

These latest enhancements to Malaysia Airlines’ fare options are part of the national carrier’s efforts to offer “unparalleled safety, security, flexibility, and a completely hassle-free, premium experience based on the needs of each customer.”

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