CIMB Upgrades CIMB Clicks Mobile App For A More Personalised Experience

CIMB has released an updated version of its CIMB Clicks mobile banking app, which it claims to “bring personalisation to a whole new level”. Aside from a new login feature and home screen design, the upgrade also introduces a “personal financial assistant” and a new section that highlights exclusive personalised deals.

With this update, the CIMB Clicks mobile app now has a Quick Login function that lets users access the home screen and various other features via biometric verification (face and fingerprint ID). Once you’ve logged in with the Quick Login function, the session will be remain active for a period of 30 days, where you can immediately get to your home screen without logging in again.

cimb clicks mobile app upgraded 1

However, Quick Login only allows quick access to limited features, such as viewing your account balances and performing transactions of up to RM250. To perform other actions, you’ll need to enter your password for added security. Aside from that, the upgraded CIMB Clicks app has also enabled the QR Pay function, which is easily accessible through the new home screen.

Additionally, the new CIMB Clicks mobile app features the integration of EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant). With EVA now included as part of the CIMB Clicks mobile app, users can tap into several new bonus features. For instance, the spend analyser is a new function where EVA categorises all your expenses so that you can track your spending patterns. Meanwhile, the proactive payment reminder function enables EVA to analyse your payment history so that it can remind you of selected upcoming payments – including merchant bill payments, JomPAY, as well as CIMB credit cards and loan payments.

cimb eva

The app has also been updated to let users easily view personalised offers that are most relevant to them. These will appear as banners in a new section below the dashboard of your CIMB Clicks app so that you can get to them conveniently. Meanwhile, you can still check out all other available CIMB deals by clicking on the “Deals” icon.

For more information about the upgraded CIMB Clicks mobile app, check out its FAQ here. Alternatively, download or update your app for these latest functions via Google Play or the App Store.

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