Maybank’s Merdeka Campaign Offers Up To RM64 Of Cash Prizes Or Vouchers
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Maybank is currently running its MAE-mories of Malaysia Merdeka campaign, which allows eligible customers to win up to RM64 cash prizes or vouchers by making selected transactions and playing a game on the MAE by Maybank2u (MAE) app. The campaign, which begins today, will run until 30 September 2021.

Open to all individuals who have an active MAE account (including those who do not have a Maybank account), this campaign basically lets you earn entries to play the Arcade MAE-mory game by carrying out specific transactions. If you earn enough points (a minimum of 100 points) in a single gameplay, then you will be entitled to win up to RM64 in cash prizes or vouchers.

Depending on what transactions you perform, you may be able to earn one, two, or four chances to play the Arcade MAE-mory game. While there are several transactions that do not require you to spend a minimum amount to earn those chances (in other words, you just need to perform an action), most will have a minimum spend requirement – which can range from RM5 to RM3,000. Some examples of qualifying transactions and actions include:

  • Register for Scan & Pay feature on the MAE app (1 entry)
  • Perform mobile reload of RM30 and above (1 entry)
  • Apply for the MAE debit card on the MAE app (2 entries)
  • Perform mobile reload of RM50 and above (2 entires)
  • Perform a JomPAY transaction of RM50 and above (4 entries)

You can find the full list of eligible transactions here. Some transactions may come with specific limits and conditions, so make sure to check before performing them!

Upon earning the required amount of points from a single Arcade MAE-mory gameplay, you’ll then be entitled to win any of the following prizes:

Cash prizeUp to RM64
iDOtshirt voucherRM20
Hermo voucherRM10
Mr DIY voucherRM5
Mr DIY online store voucherRM5
Caring Pharmacy voucherRM5

Where applicable, the prizes will be awarded to the winners at random based on randomiser programme. With regard to the cash prize in particular, there is a pool of RM2.7 million to be won.

Note as well that the Arcade MAE-mory game is only available on the MAE app, so you must download the app in order to participate in this campaign. The respective prizes won will be displayed on the MAE-mories of Malaysia Merdeka campaign page within the MAE app between today until 10 October 2021 (under the “Prizes” tab). All prize winners must collect or redeem their prizes within the respective validity date. Otherwise, unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.

Lastly, each participant is allowed to win a maximum amount of RM100 cash prizes and five vouchers. Upon reaching these caps, you will no longer be able to participate in the game, or use any remaining unused entries. Do also be aware that each voucher may have its own terms and conditions of use, such as minimum spend requirement, so do double check!

(Source: Maybank)

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Muhd Zulfika bin patri
8 months ago

Kenapa ya cash prize merdeka mae maybank rm64 tak masuk dalam akuan mae wallet saya ye padahal saya dah dapat reward cash prize rm64 tapi tak masuk akuan cash prize yang lain masuk akuan tapi yang rm64 tak masuk akuan… reward saya dah capai 100 dan tak boleh spin dah tapi cash prize rm64 tak masuk-masuk pun

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