HSBC Rolls Out Mobile Secure Key Feature, Offers More Convenience

hsbc mobile secure key 1

hsbc mobile secure key 1

HSBC Malaysia has rolled out the new Mobile Secure Key on its HSBC mobile banking app, a feature to generate security codes so that customers can log in and approve transactions more quickly and securely. With the introduction of this function, HSBC customers will be able to skip the hassle of carrying around a separate physical Security Device for their internet banking.

For context, some existing HSBC accountholders are provided with a small physical Security Device – which looks like a mini-calculator – to help them authorise their internet banking transactions. The device is used to generate a one-time security code, which customers can then use to approve their online payments. The new Mobile Secure Key is the digital version of this device, housed within HSBC’s mobile banking app for increased convenience.

hsbc mobile secure key 2

According to HSBC, the Mobile Secure Key provides added security to your online/mobile banking experience. With the feature now on your smartphone, only you will have access to your accounts and banking transactions. Furthermore, you will need to take an extra step to key in your 6-digit PIN or carry out biometric authentication to unlock the Mobile Secure Key, thus adding another layer of protection.

The Mobile Secure Key can also be activated on up to 3 devices, ensuring that you always have the flexibility and convenience to carry out your banking needs anytime and anywhere.

To activate the Mobile Secure Key, make sure that you download or update the HSBC mobile banking app to its latest version. Upon starting the app, an automatic on-screen prompt will ask if you’d like to activate your Mobile Secure Key. Tap to confirm if you’re ready to do so, and you’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

Existing HSBC customers who are still using the Security Device should also note that the Security Device will no longer work once they have activated the Mobile Secure Key. The bank also emphasised that the Mobile Secure Key is slated to replace the Security Device soon, adding that the latter is already in the process of being gradually phased out.

To find out more about HSBC’s new Mobile Security Key, head on over to the bank’s website. Alternatively, you can check out the FAQ here. You can also download HSBC’s mobile banking app from Google Play or the App Store to test out the function for yourself.

(Source: HSBC)

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